The Han Sisters
11 The Sisters’ Secret 2
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The Han Sisters
Author :iamkateroux
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11 The Sisters’ Secret 2

Lou Yi blinked her eyes when she reminisced up to this part. She turned sideways as she allowed herself to remember the entirety of her dream.

The repeated kidnappings and rescues have put a strain on Rou Xi's vitality. Although she was still cheerful when facing them and when doing her job, it is very noticeable how she became extremely jumpy. She would be afraid to go to places all on her own.

At last, when Rou Xi was kidnapped a fifth time, Lou Yi and Qian Yu decided to end it all. In the previous kidnapping cases, they did every rescue operations above the table. This time around, Lou Yi and Qian Yu braced themselves to do everything covertly. They decided to end the f***ker's life!

Of course, it should've went well, if they were doing a face-off with a normal kidnapper. But they were against a psychopath with high IQ, making their mission much difficult. At the end of the day though, they were able to achieve their goal of killing the man.

However, it seemed that the man was also determined in bringing them down with him. After tripping the bomb that the madman had set up ahead of time, the three women knew that there is no turning back from them.

At that time, Lou Yi thought she was dead for sure. It was a great shock for her to wake up in an ancient era. She was younger than her age in the dream too.

One of the things that baffled her when she woke up was whether or not she time-travelled. She ended up ruling that notion out, considering that she still has memories of the ancient era and it really felt like she had lived through all those memories. Those memories felt real.

It was only when Qian Yu and Rou Xi woke up and fully recovered when she realized that the dream wasn't just a dream. It was only by accident but she discovered that Qian Yu and Rou Xi had the same dream as her.

They tried to uncover what happened as much as possible. However, no matter how much they tried to recall the events of that tragedy, none of them knew the reason why everything transpired. They have absolutely no idea why they were given a second chance at life, why they transmigrated, and how they became sisters in this ancient era.

Since they didn't have a clue of what's going on, they decided to just go with the flow and do what they deem best for themselves. Without letting their Imperial Father know that they've awakened memories of the modern times, they planned to enjoy the life of an Imperial princess.

Of course, their plans couldn't keep up with reality. They found traces that there is a possibility that they aren't the only transmigrators in this ancient era. Worrying about what would happen, they carried out a grand scheme of building their own forces. On the surface, they convinced their Imperial Father that it is for the kingdom's welfare. Thus, their Imperial Father agreed to their proposition of moving away from the limelight. They supposedly hid themselves in the Imperial Harem, yet the truth of the matter is that they were either disguising themselves as commoners, merchants, or officers outside the palace

No one discovered their secret. The only ones who knew were Imperial Father, Imperial Mother, and the Crown Prince.

Of course, their plans had to be changed once again due to the results of their kingdom's civil unrest. And here they are now, implementing the revised plan.

"The tiger seal, huh.", Lou Yi muttered to herself before she finally allowed herself to succumbed to sleep.


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