The Han Sisters
15 Yu Xiang Pavilion 1
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The Han Sisters
Author :iamkateroux
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15 Yu Xiang Pavilion 1

As soon as she reached the Jade Garden, she saw Rou Xi sitting on a stone bench and writing seriously. On the stone table, there were pastries and tea as well as a couple of papers. To another table not far from Rou Xi were her three maidservants playing a game of cards.

"It seems that you are having fun.", Lou Yi called out, which prompted the three maidservants to stand up and greet her.

Rou Xi lifted up her head, and with sparkling eyes, greeted her as well. "Second sister!"

Lou Yi walked closer and peeked at the paper that Rou Xi was busying herself with. "What are you doing?"

"I'm transcribing this song I remembered into one that can be played using a guzheng.", Rou Xi replied.

Lou Yi picked up one of the papers that were on the table. Lou Yi noticed the title of the song and thought it was familiar. The scribble of notes in the paper made Lou Yi dizzy. Rou Xi, on the other hand, returned to what she is doing and was even humming the song.

Hearing her humming, Lou Yi finally remembered what song it was that Rou Yi was working on. She patted her sister's head and said seriously, "This is a modern song, you know? It won't be appreciated by others."

"It's okay.", the vibrant girl continued working with a smile on her face. "I'll only be playing in front of you and Eldest sis anyway."

Lou Yi patted her sister's hair even more, but with a sad smile on her face. Among the three sisters, it was Rou Xi who had to hold back on her talents the most. Rou Xi loves to sing and dance the most. She loves performing in front of many people. However, as a princess, it would be unbecoming of her to hold a performance like what those palace dancers would do. Moreover, if a princess is asked to perform a talent, what these ancient era people expect a princess would do is to play a traditional musical instrument. It truly limits Rou Xi's capabilities a lot.

To allow Rou Xi to pursue her talents despite the limitations, Lou Yi did her best to develop paper materials that she can use for transcribing musical scores. After several trial and errors, she had successfully created musical sheets, although they aren't as great as the modern era ones. The other papers considered as a failure during the trial and error process unexpectedly became popular limited edition products of Yu Xiang Pavilion.

Speaking of Yu Xiang Pavilion, she really had to follow up on its progress.

"Rou Xi, Eldest sister came by last night.", Lou Yi opened as she waved the three maidservants to withdraw. She waited for the three to leave before she continued. "She says she's doing good and we can proceed as we've planned."

"Really?", Rou Xi seriously looked at her elder sister. "Her husband didn't do anything bad to her, right?"

Lou Yi shook her head before elaborating with a playful smile on her face, "On the contrary, I think she likes our brother-in-law."

"That's good.", Rou Xi returned a joyful smile as well. "It's good that Eldest Sister is satisfied."

"The next one to get married will be me.", Lou Yi stated. "Next is you. Are you prepared?"

Rou Xi averted her eyes yet she slowly nodded her head.

"You still have time to back out, you know that, right?", Lou Yi talked to her younger sister gently. "There is no need to force yourself. Me and Eldest Sister are getting married out of our own volition. You don't have to feel that you are obligated to follow through with our plans. I can always think of another way."

Rou Xi shook her head. "Second Sister, I've understood what I needed to do since long ago. I'm just sad that I'm about to be separated from you and Eldest Sister."

"Clingy!", Lou Yi teasingly chuckled. She stayed at the Jade Garden and chatted with Rou Xi. The three maidservants also returned and played another round of cards. Of course, they don't forget to check every now and then that their mistresses still have tea and pastries to partake.

The two sisters ate lunch together. Only when they have finished their lunch and were about to separate to go to their own courtyards for a nap did a little servant approached Lou Yi to tell her that the Prime Minister has come to pick her up. Disregarding Rou Xi's teasing smile, Lou Yi walked back to the lakeside pavilion where the little servant said the Prime Minister was waiting for her.


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