The Han Sisters
28 An Ordinary Day at the General’s Manor 2
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The Han Sisters
Author :iamkateroux
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28 An Ordinary Day at the General’s Manor 2

Qian Yu's eyes lit up upon hearing the words 'training ground'. She excitedly look at Chu Han Yun as if he was prey she'd pounce on any second now.

"Is this 'training ground' the one I'm thinking of?", she asked with great anticipation.

"What are you thinking of?", Chu Han Yun asked with a confused face.

"Where you military men train your swords, spears, and martial arts!", Qian Yu replied.

Seeing his enthusiastic wife, Chu Han Yun had a vague feeling in his heart. He actually doesn't want to confirm it but, looking at Qian Yu's face, he can't help but say a few more words.

"Yes, that's indeed the 'training ground'.", Chu Han Yun replied. "The General's manor has a training ground right behind. I and some of my men train our skills there."

"Can I go there?", Qian Yu asked with sparkling eyes.

"What?! No!", without thinking about it, Chu Han Yun harshly rejected Qian Yu's request. "Why would you go there? That's an area for men. There has been no precedence of a general's wife going to the training grounds! Just what are you thinking?"

"I just want to see the place, okay."

"Preposterous!" Chu Han Yun raised his voice. "There are only males there! It is inappropriate for a woman to be there."


"There is no room for discussion for this matter.", Chu Han Yun said with a finality in his tone. With a wave of his sleeve, he turned his back and left a few choice words to his wife before leaving. "Furen, remember your virtues!"

Qian Yu inwardly pouted. 'Jerk! This rigid buffoon!'

'I'll be going to the training ground no matter what!'


As Qian Yu was wracking her brains on how she can go to the training ground, she didn't forget to call the three maidservants Lou Yi has brought over.

"I'm going to be your master from now on.", Qian Yu started as she looked the three up and down. "I expect you three to be loyal and efficient in your tasks."

"Yes, Your Highness.", the three servants bowed to acknowledge her words.
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"As for your names, do you guys have any preference?"

"None at all, Your Highness. Your Highness can give us any names you want to.", the older of the three replied.

"Then, the three of you shall be called Liu Li, Liu Yue, and Liu Ya, in that order starting from the left. These names should be easy to remember.", Qian Yu replied. In her mind, she recalled that Lou Yi's maidservants have the same character on their names, which is Xiao. The names are easy to remember and people can also identify whose master they belong to once they hear their names.

"Thank you for the names, Your Highness.", the three once again bowed upon hearing their mistress' words.

Qian Yu nodded while feeling pleased with herself. She then continued talking to them as she assigned what tasks they should do, what to watch out for, and other important pointers. As Qian Yu doesn't have a trustworthy maidservant by her side yet, she has no choice but to do this orientation on her own, even though this is usually done by high-ranking servants. Unfortunately, she had none so she had no other choice but to do it herself.

Once she had given them their tasks, Qian Yu immediately set them to work. Her first order for them? Get her some clothes.


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