The Prince is not only a prince
1 Chapter 1 -The Trashy Prince
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The Prince is not only a prince
Author :UchsashMaruf
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1 Chapter 1 -The Trashy Prince

"Look who is here? His highness prince trash."

"He is the shame of Shan royal family."

"Who said he is a royal. He is half-noble, I heard his mother was a slut."

"No wonder he is a slut too."

A man is being called a slut! What could be more interesting than this? The whole gathering burst into laughter. But despite being humiliated, the man about whom those word was said remain silent. There was no change of the expressions of his face. It was not something new to him. People of Lan city either pity or always make fun of him. which doesn't n't bother him anymore but his companion seems very irritated.

"Who has so many courage to speak ill of my lord? Fight with me if anyone dare."

This man looks strong and skilled unlike his master. So they didn't dare to provoke him. Those people had no intention to fight with him. They just ignored him as if they didn't hear and continue their business. That negligence made him furious. Before doing something dangerous his lord stopped him.

"Brother Yuzu, why bother. They aren't worthy of our time."

'But, sis…....," Yuzu was trying to object his lord but stopped after realigning what he was about to do,

"Sorry brother."

" Its ok. Nobody noticed. After all people can't easily change their habit. Please, be careful next time."

They started walking without talking anymore.

After walking a while those two man left the main road and entered a dark lane. They walked warily dawn the street. Confirming nobody followed them they stopped on a dilapidated hut. An old lady opened the door and invited the short one inside.

"you can go now".

Yuzu disagree. He decided to escorted them from outside.

"Wait then if you wish. But don't complain later. It will take time."

"Take your time. I will wait."

The warning wasn't completely lie. It was more than five hours. The man waiting outside had been working as a royal guard for many years before becoming a general. Standing for Five hours wouldn't be anything for him if he Weren't sleepless for a week. But it was too late to regret. He had to wait another two hours until the house owner old lady went outside and grinned at him, "sir, please wait another half hour. Your friend is still sleeping. Hmm."

"what! Don't tell me he has been sleeping for last seven hours while I am escorting this house without any break like a statue." Yuzu felt like crying.

All his anger threw on the old lady, "Lady, don't expect any pourboire this time from me. Your fate is so good that today is my birthday. Otherwise…."

Its clear that his speech couldn't make the old lady a little bit afraid. But this old lady is very cunning. She couldn't let go of her pourboire, "please have mercy, my lord. This negligible don't know what her fault."

Seeing her fake tear Yuzu become soft. After all its his own fault for deciding to wait. There is no reason to blame others.

"Okay. Okay, Don't cry."

"That means I get pourboire this time," The old lady grinned shamelessly.

"You! Don't dare to mention it again unless you want to lose your head."

The cunning old lady didn't lose her hope yet. She was starting to cry more loudly and It almost went beyond tolerance.

Thanks to god, that time a sweet divine voice appeared like a blessing, "who make my granny cry? Brother yuzu, don't tell me it is you who bullied granny?"

"Sister, it isn't like that. I was….", he was going to explain but blushed instead after looking back,

"Your highness!"

"Brother, so it's your birthday today. Are you angry because you haven't gotten any gift?"

A heavenly goddess come out from the wrecked hut with a playful smile.


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