The Prince is not only a prince
2 Chapter 2 : Birth of a secret.
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The Prince is not only a prince
Author :UchsashMaruf
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2 Chapter 2 : Birth of a secret.

Chapter 2

The so called 'Trashy Prince's' real name is Prince Sumin, though it's also fake. He is the younger child of late Shan king and brother of the current ruler. His mother was a royal maid unlike people said; not a slut. So, it's true that he is a low born. That's why before his birth his mother was very worried for him because contain royal blood isn't something easy. In the royal family brother kills brother for power, father kills his child, children fight with father for the throne. But most unfortunate are those low-born prince who born out of wedlock. They don't have proper status and they can't fight for the throne. They is treated like slave. It's common that most of them eventually get killed by king's legitimate child.

★It was five days before prince Sumin's birth.

The high priest came to visit royal maid 'Jun Jun's chamber. Jun Jun was the maiden name of prince Sumin's mother.

"Greeting, Lady."

She didn't expect someone high like the high priest came to visit her.

She was a little bit worried.

"Greeting master. Why do master come to visit a low person like me? what's... the matter?"

The priest seemed uneasy. He was not sure if he should told the king about the matter first. But he had already decided to take it secret.

"Lady, the matter is about your child. Your unborn child is very fortunate"

Jun Jun sighed, "How much fortunate she is. I am worried how she will survive in this cruel palace. But It's a Relief that he don't have to fight for the throne. As long as she can be safe, it will enough for me."

The high priest smiled, "My lady, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe god want what we can't imagine. Recently I have noticed some strange sign while cultivating. First I was confused then became sure. Those signs can't be described but all those signs indicate that in the future your child will rule this country. He has to face many obstacles and he will share many troubles. Despite being suffer a lot he will succeed every step of life. He will be known as the greatest king of the history."

"Master, although I am nothing but a handmaiden but as the most honorable person of the kingdom you shouldn't make such a joke."

"What!" his face became dark in anger, "Do you think I am joking with you?"

"Forgive my assumption. According to the royal physician the child of my womb is a girl. How can it be possible for a female to sit on the throne...?....My ignorance."

"My lady, are you sure about his gender?"

She didn't understand what master is saying. She was sure this child is a girl.

"But master…."

"Even this child is a girl, take care of her well," the high priest said before left the place. Still there is some discomfort on his mind. His predication never was false.

The day when prince Sumin born.

It was a rainy day. Maid Jun Jun was lying in a small chamber. Nobody was there to help her. That didn't mean they weren't willing to help. But none of them have courage to do anything against the queen's order. The queen and all of the other concubines were angry to Jun Jun because in their imagination the king is in love with a slave. But it was totally opposite. The king didn't bother about this little thing. It was just a mistake what he made on many other servants. They could only be sad for her. As I said nobody was there to help but one jealous maid called Susu was there. She had entered the palace with Jun Jun at the same time and now Jun Jun is giving birth to the king's child. It was natural that she was envy to her.

"You slut, how did you seduce the king?"

Jun Jun didn't answer. Susu kept on her bad language.

"Don't tell me you used spell on the king. You immoral witch."

Actually Jun Jun had no energy to reply. Her pain had almost reached the limit of tolerance.

"Please call a physician. Sister susu I beg you."

But Susu wasn't someone who would help other without any gain. Something was Susu's mind. She thought so long then said, "Okay, I will call a physician. But to get something you have to give something. There is a rumor that the king always listen you. First promise me you will convince the king to have me. But I don't get it why he isn't here. I wonder if he is also afraid of the queen like us. After all she is the daughter of 'Himi' clan and mother of the crown prince. Even if you give birth of a prince, he has no chance. He will be treated like a slave like us or maybe get killed by other princes. Pray to God so that your unborn child will be a daughter. Who knows if god will accept your prayer? After all you are a slut. "

Susu was wasting the time while talking unnecessarily. Jun jun couldn't bear the pain anymore.

"Sister, I will do anything you say. Please help me. Call a physician. "

"Okay, okay. Don't forget me latter. Although you are a immoral lady but my innocent and sympatric mind can't ignore. After all we are like hu hmm."

Susu went out to call the royal physician. But it took a long time. Even though its not her fault because it was raining on the outside heavily. So when she came with the physician it was too late. They saw maid Jun Jun already gave birth to the king's child. The child is like a flower. The physician come nearer to check up. He relaxed after seeing the mother and child is risk-free. On the other hand Su Su suddenly shouted," You bitch. What have you done? I will not accept it. I am going to inform the queen now. How could you…. But the royal physician said… dare you give birth to a prin…"

Susu was going to go out to inform the queen but before that she was hit by something heavy. Jun jun was shocked.

"My lady. Don't fear. I am not your enemy." The royal physician looked calm. "I didn't have any other way to stop her. But your child has to survive. The high priest told me everything. Your child is the only hope to 'Jun clan'."

Jun Jun surprised, "who are you? Are you a 'Jun' too."

"You are right my lady."

"But as long as know every male from Jun clan was executed after the rebellion."

"It is what everyone believe. But some of us survived. Your father was our master. He sacrificed himself to save us. We heard that your whole familly was killed. We had no idea you survived and sold as a slave.We deserve to die for not able to protect Master's family. If high priest didn't tell me that you are the Young lady Jun, we wouldn't able to find you."

"What do you mean. Does that mean The high priest also a Jun!"

"Yes, he is. he is the grand master of our clan. Our master was also his disciple. But now master is gone. Your child is the only descendant of master beside you. We have to protect him at any cost."

Lady Jun Couldn't believe what happened. She didn't expect to meet her clan member after many years moreover he her father's student.

Lady Jun became imotional. She almost forgot about the dead body lying on the floor.

" Susu!"

"My lady, don't worry. We will take care of it. It has nothing to do with you. I will make sure nobody from outside will know about today's incident."

The royal physician clapped twice. Two man came out from hiding. They carry out the dead body.

After they left Lady Jun opened the window. The rain already had stopped. The monks of the Buddhist temple still awoke. A lengthy Buddha statue could be seen in the moonlight. Lady Jun's mind was disturbed. She felt sorry for Maid Susu. She looked at Buddha from the window for forgiveness, " Forgive me, My lord. It's all for my child."

Next day the king heard from the eunuchs that a maid give birth to a princess.

"Deliver my order to build a mansion for the princess. And from today the maid is promoted to a royal concubine." The king smiled an emotionless smile, "At least it is not a prince."


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