The Prince is not only a prince
3 Chapter-3 : Birthday night-1
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The Prince is not only a prince
Author :UchsashMaruf
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3 Chapter-3 : Birthday night-1

It is 15 years since then. There was a lot of things that had changed in those years. Thanks to princess that her mother got a peaceful life. She also became a legal wife of the king. You maybe wondered why king had been so kind to them. Actually it was not because of his love or affection for the princess. There was a special reason. There were many other countries and some independent tribes in the continent where Shan Kingdom located. Most of those kingdom didn't have good relation. They had many anxieties between them and always had power disputes. Every king wanted to increase the limit of their kingdom. But no one was strong enough to stand alone. In order to defeated common enemies, kings had to establish alliance. It was common to make alliance by using political marriage. So, as a female, even though a princess could't succeed the throne but she could be useful. That's why female from royal blood were treated in a special way. But in reality they were just used as products to do business.

In the case of Shan kingdom, the king had no other daughter except princess 'Shin Jun'. So it's natural that king would treasured his only daughter even if she is a lowborn. That was the reason why king gave Concubine Jun proper status. Actually his intention was blocking all scope to complain about princess' origin in the near future. That was also the result of king's far-reaching business thought.

As I said before princess Shin Jun became 15 that year and king had organised a huge festival on this occasion. He used lot of wealth for that. But the King of Shan wasn't foolish to waste money for his poor subjects. It was something like advertisement. The more princess became popular the more powerful candidate would come with the proposal of marriage. It was Just a investment to gain profit .

But the common people was very excited even though they weren't welcomed. Because that was the only day of the year when they could meet their princess for a moment. Princess Shin Jun was popular for her beauty and her popularity was higher than his brothers and father. In Shan kingdom and in other neighbour kingdom princess had a lot of loyal fan. However, the lion shares of those fan were unemployed youth or middle aged uncles. Those people were either unhappy in their marriage life or they had no work to do. The only work they did was thinking nonsense about the princess. The parents of those youth and jealous wives of those uncles weren't happy on the princess for her being treated like a goddess and for made the young generation worthless. But even a goddess can't be fully perfect. So the princess wasn't. She also had some haters among the women. That haters community believed that king pampered her daughter so much that the princess became unruly. Not only them, sometimes the people inside the palace was unhappy. They didn't understand princess's mood at all. There were times when princess is very calm, but sometimes she is like storm. If today she is obedient, next day she will become unruly without any notice. It depended on her mood. The king made many efforts to educate the princess proper manner and in the end it didn't work. As the result princess failed eight times in the "National Perfect Woman Contest". Yet Princess wasn't ashamed a little bit according to the exception, on the other hand the king was. But he became suprised when he heard that princess ranked 5th place after secretly attending the "National Civil Exam."

That's why many people described her as a tomboy. But many times she acts so virtuous that the king himself became confused. There is no proper image of which is the real princess.

However, rumours are popular than the truths.

There were also dozens of rumors related to the princess. Though any of them wasn't proven and the most terrible one was spread on her 15 th birthday. That became the reason of national headache.

That day of 15th birthday celebration was crazy. Princess had to meet her crazy fan club and the invited and self-invited guests. Many princes, dukes and earls had come on this occasion.Princess was was told by the king that she had to fulfil every request form the guests. So she had to sing, though her voice is horrible. She had to dance though she was hurt. But nobody cared. They were so overwhelmed by her beauty that they thought, they had never heard that much beautiful song before. And in their eyes the dancing was incredible. Princess forced herself to acting cute and drink a lot untill she became completely destroyed.

When that crazy ceremony finally ended, it was already midnight. Princess personally said good bye to all guest one by one and tell her servents to escorted them to the guesthouse.

But one guest seemed unwilling to left the hall.

"Ohaio, Shin Jun-chan."

princess had never seen this guest before.

She was annoyed, "Who is this old fatty, Momo?"

The maid replied," He is the famous Lord Shinjo, 3rd uncle of the emperor of Nippon."

"But why did emperor send this frog?"

"Don't worry. Emperor send Prince Naruto the handsome. This old lord came by himself uninvited. But princess, be careful around him. This lord isn't someone safe to believe.It is said that he is a pervert. He had come to capital two weeks ago and already had seduced dozens of married granny."

" So, he is the legendary pervert Lord Shinjo. Let's ignore him."

Unfortunately they didn't notice that the old pervert had already approached them.

"Shin Jun chan, Happy birthday. My name is lord Shinjo."

"Thank you lord Shinjo". Princess realized there is no way to avoid. She was so tired and drunk. Her face became dark in anger.

Lord Shinjo thought princess was blushed after seenig him. Think, how confident this old dude is!!!!!

" How sweet!


"The cake was very sweet. Princess is more beautiful than people said. Who doesn't want to eat ?"

Princess's face darkened. Lord Shinjo thought princess was more embarrassed. He tried to flirt.

"When first time I saw you, I was sure you are the one..... You are Shin Jun. I am Shinjo. we are together 'JUNJO'. We might be destined to be with each other. Want to play with me, Shin Jun-chan," he gave a dirty smile.

Princess tried her best to be polite. After all he was a guest. "Uncle, I am only good in sewing people's mouth. I don't know how to play chess. Pardon me".

Princess tried to exit and before that stopped by that pervert. He is not lost his hope yet.

"No, no, no. I am hurt." He acted as if he was. really hurt.

Princess surprised by his acting skill. Lord Shinjo smiled, "Why pretend? What is uncle. Big brother will teach you something exciting." He suddenly grabbed princess's hands. Princess was being stunned by disgust. It's not that princess didn't heard about him before. This lord shinjo was a famous playboy at his youth. He was a master for seducing married woman. Though he is old now, but there were many naive middle-aged aunty and old granny who are crazy for him. After his marriage people could sleep without worriness for a while because he was disciplined by his strict wife. But, Lady Shinjo died last year and that lord regain his old habit. So all of the uncles and grandpas of the city became seriously alarmed after his arrival in Shin capital. It is said that Lord Shinjo is now hunting virgin and non-virgin from 9 to 90 to get married again. He also came here uninvited for his new expedition. After seeing princess's beauty, he revealed his true form and indecent manner. It was his good luck that he didn't get slapped yet. Before that a voice appeared, "Grandpa Shinjo, why you are here?"

"Hi hi hi, just for drinking with Shinjun chan."

"Grandpa, it seems you are in happy mood. Didn't you know what happen? The guard of the emperor has been searching you all over the Nippon".

"What! What happened?" lord asked frightfully. "Didn't tell me emperor already knows that I tried to seduce his personal maid?"

"Ha!!!!".... the other man stunned for a moment . After a few second he said, "It's not that."

"Then what?"

"Butcher Haru divorced our new granny."

Lord pervert finally surprised, "what nonsense are you talking. Did my wife got married in heaven and got divorced? How could she have married another man?"

"Old fool. It is not your dead wife. Lady Haru is the butcher's wife with whom you got caught at a night in the last summer."

"Oh. I remember. How horrible. I was almost killed by that butcher. Lord Buddha, I was promised that I will become a monk after that incident. But sorry lord, this type of life style doesn't suit me. So what happened after that?"

"Butcher Haru divorced his wife. He complained to his majesty that the child in his wife's womb is yours."

"what?" Lord Shinjo almost jumped 5 feet, "I only did it once with that ugly lady out of curiosity. This child is not mine."

"Curiosity killed the cat. Butcher Haru is a hermaphrodite. So, uncle is definitely your offspring ," the other man objected.

Lord Shinjo tried to avoid, "If he can't satisfy his wife, then how could it was my fault!"

"It's your fault because the child has royal blood. Father has issued a decree on you to marry new granny and take responsibility of uncle."


The pervert lord looked destroyed. One the other hand princess was so embarrassed that she left that place without noticing the other person beside them.


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