The Rider and its Peculiar Dragon
2 The Birthday Gif
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The Rider and its Peculiar Dragon
Author :Zhein32
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2 The Birthday Gif

After calming fir bit, Kreals check every part if his body to know nothing is missing.

"Sigh, that seems a real thing but why does my cheeks hurt a little?" Kreals questioned while rubbing his cheeks and glared at the girl sitting next to her.

The girl looks alike Kreals jet black hair, thick brows, deep blue eyes that is dazzling when you stare at them, long nose and pinkish lips the girl have small face and slightly red cheeks. This girl is no doubt beautiful especially her peerless skin that is shining a bit when hits by sun rays through the window.

The girl wears a pink pajama that have dinosaur eggs pattern this clothes emphasise her big round chest very well.

The girl only gives a very sweet smile and said in a kind and sweet tone "Not even thanking me for waking you up from your nightmare?"

Though it's a very sweet for others to hear but Kreals shuddered in fear after seeing his sister's smile, for him it's like saying 'Gonna do something about it, try me'

"Eh, thank you Sis ehehe" Kreals laugh awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.

But the girl continues to smile to him as if not contended from his action. Kreals release a long sigh.

"Thank you Claire" Kreals smiles then patted the head of his twin sister named Claire.

"Un, good now take a shower because your so sweaty. Oh and also be prepared for later, Papa will surely surprise us. " Claire said and walks to the door vanished from Kreals sight.


The door closed. Kreals stretch his hands and yawn then lazily walk to his bathroom. His room is not that small its rather big actually queen size bed, and have a 48 inches flat screen tv opposite from the bed attached to a wall, grey colored carpet that runs down every corner of his room, behind the wall that separates the bedroom is a space for the bathroom and one refrigerator. The floor is over all is messy, books, clothes, roll papers and other stuff are scattered.

Kreals opens the door of his bathroom and wash his face from the sink. [sigh] Kreals stares at his reflection on the mirror. Jet black hair and have a messy hair style, thick brows, beautiful deep blue eyes that if you stares at them you're literally be hypnotised, long nose and down to his lips, fits perfectly to his manly and well shaped face. Kreals is a handsome young man.

Kreals brush off his hair that hide his pointy ears, his ears are not like any normal person have because its tip is pointy like that of an elf in the books but not that same actually it's shorter than those elves also he wears earing on his right ear. Still it did not dissuade his handsome appearance hence it gives more confidence and charm to him.

"Hmm, I think I need some haircut" Kreals smiles if any girl saw this, will surely fall for him.

*after 5 minutes

Kreals walks out from the bathroom only a towel covering his body. That expose his well toned abs and muscles. Kreals took some clothes from his closet. Then suddenly Kreals remembered something, Claire said to him that be prepared for father's surprise later.

'Why will that old man surprise us?' Kreals thought

'Well, what ever Im sure its more like I care' Kreals made up his mind but then he really feels like his missing something really important.

Suddenly Kreals suddenly shouts to the ceiling "Sophia what time and date is now?"

"Its 8:03 in the morning and Tuesday, March 28th 2361 young master Kreals" A robotic and feminine voice can be heard answering Kreals question.

"Hmm March 28th? 28....shit! March 28 its my and Claire's birthday hahahha yesss!!" Kreals excitedly change his clothes and run to the door.

Far away from Kreals house a well built man is wearing a lab coat and standing some distance away from a huge cage, this man is Kreals and Claire's father Jack Coman. He has a jet black hair and deep blue eyes like Kreals and Claire and have a long scar that travels diagonally from his right eye to his crooked nose down to his neck. Yet despite his scar no one can disagree that he is handsome looking on his prime.

This man is the founder and head scientist of the famous, Coman Incorporated. The most influential and richest company around the world. The company studies and invented a lot of things that can both entertain and help man kind, they invented the magnetic vehicles, A.I. Robots and many more but their forte and main project called ROTA or Revival Of The Apex. They invented a technology that can collect DNA from fossils of the dinosaur and recreate and revive them. They make the impossible to be possible as of now many dinosaurs are being hatched around the various Park and Zoos around the world. This is all thanks for the mother of Kreals for introducing the idea.

"Sir are you sure about this? I think young master and malady can't tame this creatures this time." Asked a butler standing next to Jack concerned.

"Its alright Larry, just believe both if them and besides we will always be there if something happens" Jack smiled and tapped Larry on the shoulder.

"I believe on both if them Sir, but this creatures are both cunning and a lot stronger than a normal one. They can even kill ten mutated Giganotosaurus just the two of them!" Larry exclaimed and carefully studying the two huge cages.

"sigh" "Maybe you're right Larry or maybe not" Jack smile again and lower his voice from the last two words. The butler only nod and sigh for his master's stubbornness.

[Roooaarrr!!] Two loud different roars can be heard inside the cages.

*30 minutes later

Kreals and Claire are now inside a floating limousine and are heading to a private park of where their father is at now.

"Tell me Larry what dinosaur will Papa give us this year? Is it stronger than my a mutated T-rex? Tell me! Tell me!" Claire excitedly asked Larry that is driving

"Yes malady alot stronger and I cannot reveal the creature cause it will ruin your Dad's surprise" Answers Larry in a matter of fact tone.

"It's definitely a mutated Giganotosaurus!!" Kreals shouted excitedly.

"No maybe a hybrid raptor and a T-rex" (A/N hmm sounds familiar) Claire thinks and said to Kreals.

'If only this kids know what they're talking againts' Larry thought.

"I hope it's cute like Rexy" Claire said while hugging herself.

"Larry watcg out!" Kreals suddenly shouted to Larry who nearly crash into a car after hearings Claire.

'Cute? That giant mutated T-rex whose teeth are bigger than a 8 year old child, OMG! What are this kids can you be a bit worried about your own life' Larry sweats and shaking his head lightly.

"Stop it Sis, you're getting us killed by scaring Larry and stop acting like a child you're 17 now" Kreals look at Claire and the latter just pouted.

Finally they have arrived at the park named Apex Park and have the skull of a Triceratops as logo. The gates of the park is massive 10 meters tall and 13 meters wide the gate has opened by itself and make a *thwang-thud noises and steam appears at the sides of the gate. Larry park the limousine inside a building because this park is a open feild and is a thousand hectares wide, he got out first of the car then opens the doors for the other two go out. Larry gets some equipment from the side and handed the both of them a gun loaded with tranquillisers.

"Should we take the armored vehicle or...."

"No, Larry I want to visit Rexy first" Before Larry can complete his sentence, Claire interrupted. The trio walks out the building to the forest a distance head.

The moment the trio walk little deep inside the forest they feel chills running through their body. Like someone or something is stalking them. They carefully studies their environment, Larry readies himself to protect the young woman because Kreals have a strange way to handle wild dinosaurs so his is not worried for him.

"Shhh, stop do hear that?" Claire stop them and staring at the giant tree in front of them. They hear low growls and heavy breathing of an animal.

"Rexy! It's me! Come out don't be scared" Claire shouted at the tree.


They hear heavy footstep at the back of the tree and the creature behind the tree slowly emerges itself.



"That thing is cute?!"

The three shouted at the same time and Claire is glaring daggers at Larry for being rude. In front of them is a giant 6 and a half meters Tyrannosaurus, the dinosaur look at them with her white and violet slitted eyes matching with its dark red scales its definitely not cute.

"GRUuauUuauaAaaaa" Rexy the mutated T-Rex roared showing its large and sharped teeth and runs towards Claire, the latter also runs and hugged and petted the head of the tyrant. Kreals just casually walks to the both of them while Larry's jaw slightly agaped but returned his posture after the siblings shouted at him.

"I miss you too Rexy!" Claire smiled at Rexy

"Wow! You got larger Rexy, just by a week now you grow maybe a meter and a half?!" Kreals exclaimed and also patted the giant before him. Only Larry stood there silently. After playing around for a bit they decided to ride Rexy to avoid fights from the other dinosaurs because they rarely comfronts a T-rex and here they have a mutated one, Rexy here is in the forest is top of the food chain. After several minutes of walking they arrive at a mini desert and welcomed by their father standing in a nearby in a massive whole.

"Papa, we're here!" Claire waved at his father and the latter returned the wave.

"I see you also bring the Mutated Tyrannosaurus I gift you last year, It gotten big since the lost time I saw it" Jack said while observing the approaching giant.

"Papa, how many times do I have to tell you that her name is Rexy" Claire pouted while climbing down from Rexy.

"Hey, old man what do you got for us this year I hope its a mutated one" Kreals grinned while rubbing both if his hands.

"Haha, brat your so cocky getting a mutated one while this past year you can't even tame a normal one" Jack said while thanking his son from the inside for changing the topic about the named giant.

"Tsk, Im just don't like common ones I want something unique like, Sis's T-rex." Kreals retorted back at his father then continued in a low tone "You just don't let me try taming a mutated one" Still Jack heard him but only smiles.

"Come both of you and also you Larry" Jack motion them to follow him the two Kreals and Larry nodded and follows while Claire is instructing Rexy to stay then also follows.

They arrived at the place where Jack is standing earlier. When they are standing in the edge of a hole they noticed some electric fence circles around the hole. The hole is 30 meters deep and have a diameter of 100 meters and at the center of it they saw something they never expect to see.

"Oh my!!" Claire exclaimed while covering her mouth using her hands

"The hell is that thing?" Kreals asked and narrowed his eyes to focus more. Jack expected their reaction and not bothering where they were looking at. "This my kids is the most..."

"WTF!!! Are you messing with us old man, you want give us something like that?" Before Jack can finish his explanation he is interrupted by the yelling Kreals.

Jack look at his son slightly piss but still tell him in a very serious tone "Yes, wether you like it or not you have to try tamin...."

"WTF! HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY" Kreals interrupted again while pointing at that thing.

Jack gave Kreals knock of the head and shouted "Just shut up and let me finish talking you brat!!! You really have no manners on your own father don't you this thing is a..."

Before Jack can finish talking someone interrupt him again but this time its Claire " Is a pile of crap right? Papa you're giving as a PILE OF DINOSAUR SHIT ON OUR BIRTHDAY?! "

Jack again punch Kreals on the head" Who told you to interrupt me again you really have no manners do you Im gonna... Eh? What pile of shit are you talking about sweetie? Its a In... " Again he was interrupted by Claire


Claire is now really angry that her face is dyed red well she only looks more cute though.

Jack is really confused and looks at the place were her daughter is pointing.

" Its really a pile of dinosaur crap, thats no.... "

[PAKK] Kreals is now the one that punch his father in the face and said "AND YOU REALLY IS GIVING US A PILE OF SHIT!!"


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