The Vinculum
2 Chapter 2: Training the Sword
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The Vinculum
Author :Smokeyfire73
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2 Chapter 2: Training the Sword

"Grandpa look." Callum holds up his hand and a small flame dances on the tip of his finger.

"Fantastic, tell me Callum what powers have been bestowed onto you?"

Callum explains everything that's happened and what is written inside his grimoire.

"Did the Messorem speak to you?" Inquired Victor.

"No grandpa, but I'll check the backside of the book."

Callum turns the grimoire over and pulls the cover up except the cover won't budge.

He pulls harder and harder before saying exasperatedly, " It isn't coming open no matter how hard I try."

"Peculiar, well I guess it will open when it is ready to do so. Until then let's test your abilities."

Victor takes Callum back down to the river and tells him to pick up a stick.

"Now Callum you must realize no matter how powerful an ability it will only serve its purpose if you are alive. So most magic users, such as yourself, choose to make their powers auxiliary to fighting techniques. There are a myriad of weapons but for now you will learn to fight with a sword in one hand and with magic in the other."

"But I do not know how to use a-"

Victor suddenly lunges at Callum and snaps a branch across his chest.


"Ouch, that hurt. What was that f-"


This time it was his left knee.

"If you do not know how to do anything other than run your mouth it will be a painful lesson. Now raise your sword."

Callum raises his 'sword' and Victor begins to explain swordfighting.





Parry again

This went on for an hour before Callum got into the rhythm of it.

Suddenly water swirled below him making him trip as Victor lunges towards him.


"Did you forget that we have powers boy? Learn to use them to your advantage, to catch an opponent off guard could mean vi-"

Suddenly a small hole appears beneath Victor's feet.


Callum hits Victor on the head.

"Victory, right grandpa? You were going to save catching an opponent off guard could mean victory." Callum states smuggly.

"You smartass. Looks like you're ready for a real lesson then."


"Ouch I am so-"


"Stop, I don't want to practice anymore!"




The training lasted until late that evening. If someone was to walk by the river they would see a mini whirlpool on the ground with a man standing in the middle and a child on the perimeter. The man brandished a stick with great finesse and poise, while the child flailed sending small flames, thin lines of water, and small rocks hurling towards the man.

They trained this way for two months. With Callum focusing purely on magic in the morning, swordplay in the afternoon, and using both while sparring with Victor by the river in the evening. By the end Callums' grimoire read

Fire affinity lv. 6: Able to create flames, also able to manipulate existing fire to a medium degree

Water affinity lv. 4: Small control over water, must be in liquid form. Can start to sense water present in the air.

Earth affinity lv. 4: Able to manipulate the earth to a small degree. Can use emotions to manipulate  the earth

Mud affinity lv. 2: mix water and earth magic to create mud, miniscule manipulations over mud

Creation magic: able to gain new affinities by combining pre existing ones

Minor shapeshifting lv. 1: able to change minute details of ones appearance

One night Victor called Callum to sit next to him on the porch.

"Callum, there comes a time for everyone when the cage they are in can no longer contain them and they break free. Now is your time to break free, I've taught you all I can now it's time to set you free. But first there are a few things I must tell you." Victor turns his head to Callum with a serious glint in his eye. "6 years ago, to be exact the day you were born, you mother and father were killed. Your father was killed by an organization called the Obumbratio, which is a group that believes that the Vinctum should overthrow the beings that bestow us power because they believe that humans are the superior kind. This goes against modern beliefs and what your father believed in, which is why they tried to kill your mother and father. After your father died they disrupted the Vinculum of your birth and the sacrifice failed, and as death came to put his seal on you your mother sacrificed herself so you could live. And before the Obumbratio had a chance to kill you, my closest friend and colleague saved you and brought you to me. And on that day my life was torn apart and mended anew. The Obumbratio destroyed my life, and you Callum gave me a new one." Victor says as a tear slowly falls down his cheek. "Now I will send you to a place where you will learn how to use and control magic, how to fight, and anything else you'll need to survive in this world. I will send you to the best school Aemulo Terr has to offer. The Salem Institute for the Bonded."

"Will I become strong there?" Callum inquires.

"Of course, you will be the mightiest there has ever been. And when you are strong enough you will challenge everyone who ever has or will stand in your way, because as a Vivifica you will learn that might is right."

"Yes grandpa, I will become strong."

"Then get going brat, I already packed your bags. And take this as well." Victor pulls out a small Stone and throws it to Callum.

"What is this grandpa?"

"That there is a transportation stone. Once you crush it you will be teleported to a predetermined destination." Victor explains as he walks over to Callum and pulls him in for a hug. "Now go, become strong enough to fight for your beliefs. Make the heavens praise your name and make hell quiver at the sound of it."

Victor turns and leaves closing the door behind him.

"Yes grandpa, I will not bring shame to myself or to our family." Callum whispers.

He looks at the stone and sees a majestic Castle in side of it.

Callum thinks 'This must be Salem' then he lifts the stone and smashes it on the ground.


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