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Transmigrated by Accident
Author :EldridSmith
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Author's pledge has been moved to auxiliary along with Eldrid and Adrian's backstory.


The Immortal lord Malthael, Lord of Golkindarr, grew tired of mortal affairs and sought out an heir to take care of all his unfinished business from all of his realms. He saw a promising choice on the lowest mortal plane, on the least advanced of his territories, The Laniakea Universe, in the smallest galaxy, the milky way, on the least advanced planet, Earth.

His name was Adrian Ardvel. He was 6'0" tall, slightly tan with an athletic build, his eyes a shade of deep blue, his hair a light red, and his face like a Greek sculpture. He would have qualified to be a supermodel if he didn't have one glaring flaw, a scar running down over his right eye, leaving him with only one good eye. An ancient and powerful bloodline could be sensed from him, though none of the mortals could feel it, else they would run in terror.

While Malthael was summoning him, his friend, Eldrid Sverd noticed him across the street and ran over to greet him. Eldrid wasn't too handsome. He was the same height as Adrian, had a stocky build, his face was more rounded than Adrian's as he was slightly overweight. He had a friendly aura around him, making him be the first person to be friend zoned by all the girls in school.

His eyes and hair were golden brown, his skin was slightly tan, his face had traces of his Cherokee ancestry, but not too noticeable. Right as Eldrid reached Adrian, the portal opened to Golkindarr.

In the great hall of Malthael, both Eldrid and Adrian appeared. Both of them were shocked by not being where they were a second ago, Eldrid thought they were on some prank show for a second but discarded the thought as it was way too elaborate.

Both Eldrid and Adrian suddenly thought, this is extremely similar to those stories I read online.

As the duo began looking around to figure what was going on, the grandeur of the great hall stunned them. Gemstones of all colors inlaid in the ceiling, creating images impressive feats and stories.

The walls were made of some azure gold material, the pillars wrought from an unknown azure purple material, the floor hewn of a purple gold stone like material.

The hall transcended human understanding as there appeared to be entire universes in the tapestries. As the two were trying to take in all the sights of the hall an indescribable sound brought them out of their trance.

They looked behind them to see a throne of colors. The colors were presumably composed of their own distinct elements, the sea of colors was blinding to the two of them. The figure on the throne rose, as he did, the swords all began to revolve around his right palm, and shrink while doing so, until they disappeared.

His figure was incorporeal, only a silhouette of a man was before them. "It appears I have gotten rusty in my space manipulation, as only one of you was supposed to arrive." He turned to Adrian. "You boy, what is your name?"

"Adrian, sir."

"Adrian, you will be my heir, I will give you power if you take care of my unfinished business when I ascend, I am almost out of time to do so, hence I am unable to take care of my own affairs. Do you accept?"

"What of my family sir?"

"They will be fine, however you will have to bring them here on your own power."

This caused Adrian to pause and think for a while before responding.

"May I know the name of my benefactor?"

"I am Malthael, lord of the Or-Furor cosmo."

Malthael then turns to Eldrid "You boy, what is your name?"

"Eldrid Sverd, sir!"

"Eldrid? Fiery-spirited sword in... Norse was it? A good name! Now tell me, as I have accidentally summoned you, do you desire to go back to your world?"


"Oh? why not?"

"I have nothing there, other than my parents, considering how powerful you are, you probably wiped our existences off of the face of the earth. Seeing as I can experience the adventures in a world like the stories of old, I would much rather do that!"

"So you chose the life of hardship and adventure over peace and comfort?"

"Yes, there are too many things to do and not enough time in a mortals life, seeing as that can be changed, why not experience all there is to offer?"

"You are amusing mortal, seeing as it is my mistake I shall grant you a wish."

"My request is that my parents live out the rest of their lives peacefully and happily!"

"Your filial piety impresses me, you thought of them before yourself, this shall be granted without using your request."

"May I first know the paths to power, and the world I will live in?"

"Smart boy, fair enough. This world is the Center of this cosmo, this is not a normal planet, it has the purest mana in the cosmo, due to it being the very center of the cosmos. We are at the core of the world, far underground. You will be sent to a remote location on the surface.

There are many species of your 'fantasy' stories that exist commonly in this realm.

Every person in the realm has a chance to summon a spirit from the spirit realm on their 18th birthday. These spirits range from weapons to beasts to water itself. You temper your spirit and body to advance in cultivation.

There are four main types of spirits: Weapons, Beasts, mage spirits, and body spirits.

Weapon spirits: They peruse the perfection in their martial art to gain power, however they are usually unable to fight at long range, save a few exceptions.

Beasts: You summon a spirit which does your bidding, the variety of the ability of these spirits varies greatly.

Mage spirits: Spirits that allow you to manipulate the element they have power over, they have long range capabilities, but are usually severely lacking in body strength and close range defense.

Body spirits: Spirits who enhance a specific part of the body or all of the body during combat.

There is a fifth type which is uncommon, but not unheard of.

Hybrid: A mix of any 2 or more spirit types above.

However all draw upon mana to cultivate their spirits.

The spirit you awaken depends upon your bodily aptitude, soul aptitude, mana aptitude, and bloodline.

Have no fear about your aptitudes, I shall reform your body and soul with perfect aptitude in all paths, however I cannot give you a powerful bloodline. Since you will have perfect aptitude for all paths, you will comprehend something heaven defying, so fear not. So boy, what do you wish for?"

At this, Eldrid paused and thought about for a while.

"I wish for a system to help me gain power, resources, assist with my other miscellaneous needs."

"Hmm. An interesting request, there just so happens to be an artifact in my possession that fills the requirements mentioned, it was originally meant for Adrian, however I can find one again if need be.

I will rebuild your body and soul, your mortal self will have great troubles trying to withstand the sheer level of pain that comes with this process. Adrian prepare yourself as well, yours will last longer and be less painful however, as I sense your friends day of awakening is drawing near." As Malthael said this, both of them passed out.


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