Trials For Survival
2 Introduction
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Trials For Survival
Author :firekid
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2 Introduction

The drone was clearly a very advanced one. Alex was sure it came straight out of a Sci-fi movie. Yet again everything that was happening to him right now couldn't be explained with logic. Except if his wish came true. Wasn't this situation similar to so many ones from the novels he read in his free time?

Alex should be feeling afraid. He was teleported in an unknown place, surrounded by unknown people and receiving instructions from a drone that was clearly from another planet. Yet he was excited. He teleported here when he was gravely wounded and in the brink of death, this meant that there was a chance for Anna to be here as well.

**This is the last warning. You have three seconds to be silent Earthlings so we can proceed with the introduction. Offenders will be punished severely.**

"What kind of joke is this? Who are you to order us around?"

"Piece of junk! Tell us where we are!"

Each person's reaction is different when facing the unknown. Some are fearless, some are in denial, some are curious and some are afraid. Even though most of the people including Alex remained quiet after the drone asked them too, others were shouting curses. Unfortunately for them, they were about to be set as an example of what ignoring the drone meant.

After a loud countdown from the drone for the three seconds, there were about 20 people still shouting and cursing. A red light lit up on the drone and immediately 20 different laser beams headed straight to the persons that kept talking. The moment the beams hit them, they turned into dust. They didn't even manage to scream. Total silence instantly reigned over the place.

**Death is the only thing waiting for trial takers that are breaking the rules or ignore the commands.

Earthlings, your planet is one of the many that has been chosen as the next energy source for the Alliance. According to the Intergalactic Law, every planet has a chance to fight for their survival. The dominant species of every planet chosen will go through a set of trials to unlock their hidden potential. At the end of the trials, a Battle Royale between successful planets will take place and the winner will be able to save their planet and join the Alliance. Losers will either die during the trials or the surviving members will be sold as slaves.

After each trial, you will receive a score based on your performance and you will receive Alliance points corresponding to your score. You will be able to exchange the points for equipment, skills, body modifications, classes and many other things.

Each trial is an opportunity for you to make yourself stronger. The stronger you become, the higher the chances for you during the Battle Royale.**

After this short explanation, a light lit up on the drone this time though, it was green. A green beam headed straight to everyone's forehead and then vanished almost immediately.

**An AI chip has been implemented in your forehead. This will be your personal AI assistant which will judge your performance in every trial. You can also check your own status through it. In addition, you can ask any questions that you may further have but you may need to pay up for an answer. Furthermore, it has an inventory that you can store items with a thought. Your AI assistant has many other uses that you will have to discover by yourselves.

In one minute you will all be teleported to your personal rooms. You will then have one hour to prepare for the Tutorial. Until then please stay still. **

As soon as the drone stopped talking, it shone in a brilliant light that could hurt your eyes if you looked straight at it. It was similar to the sun. So everyone lowered their gazes and started to look around trying to find familiar faces. Some of them stood still doing nothing at all afraid to even look around. Other looked like they were trying to comprehend what they just heard.

It is hard for a human to adapt that fast to a new situation therefor most of the people still thought they were other dreaming or someone was playing a joke on them.

Alex looked around a bit but since the drone told him to stand still and he saw what happened to the people that ignored the orders before he refrained from searching for Anna like he wanted to do. He knew that he didn't know anyone around so he did the only thing he could do while waiting. He tried to see what this AI was all about.

'How do I even use it though?' Alex thought.

**The AI assistant no. XXXX is at your service. I can read your thought and you can communicate with me through them. For detailed explanations, you will have to wait until we arrive at your personal room. Until then you can only look at your status. If you would like to view it, you can just think 'Status'.**

'Status' Alex thought and instantly it appeared on his mind. He wondered a bit about the fact that he could seemingly "see" his status in his mind without it blocking his vision at all.

[Name: Alex Dawson]

[Title: None]

[Class: None]

[Strength: 9]

[Physique: 9]

[Agility: 8]

[Intelligence: 13]

[Spirit: 12]

[Skills: None]

[Note: The average adult Earthling's attribute number is 10. ]

'So my physical attributes are below average? Makes sense I guess since I spent most of my time at home.' Alex thought. 'Hey, AI, can you give me an explanation for each attribute?'

**Host will have to wait until we arrive at your personal room for detailed explanations.**

'Oh yeah, you said the same thing before. Anyway, I guess most of the stats are self-explanatory but making sure is not a bad thing. Well according to my stats right now, I should go for a caster route however, I always prefered playing a tank or a warrior. Hm, I think it is better to wait for the detailed explanation' Alex continued his thought.

As soon as he finished his thought, he heard a loud beeping above him and turned to look at the drone. That was a mistake though since that only hurt his eyes.

'Damn it, I forgot about that,' Alex cursed.

**Teleportation will take place in 10 seconds.**


*Teleporting trial takers to their personal rooms**

He heard one more loud beeping and then another flash of light.

'This flashes every time are getting really annoying.' Alex thought before opening his eyes.

He looked around only to realise he is now all alone. He was in a small room about 5 square meters that had only a capsule. He could also see two different sliding doors and he did not hesitate to check them. He tried the first one only to realise it won't open.

**Trial takers that have not completed the Tutorial, cannot go out to the market.**

Alex nodded in acknowledgement and then went to the other door which opened the moment he went close. His excitement only lasted for a second since this door clearly led to a bathroom.

'Ai? What is this capsule for?' Alex thought. 'By the way, can I give you a name to call you instead of AI?'

**Host can indeed give me a name that he chooses. As for the capsule, it is for sleeping and healing. After each trial, the host will return either tired or wounded. Most of the times both. As long as he succeeds on the trial, the host can heal his injuries for free. However, for certain injuries or conditions the host will have to pay an extra fee.**

Alex couldn't help but shiver in the existence of such a capsule in his room. That meant that the trials will definitely not be a piece of cake. If they provide such a capsule to each person then getting injured in the trials is a fact and not just a possibility.

'Is your voice fixed? Can you change it to a female one? Having a robotic voice on my head is kinda creepy.'

**That is easy to do.**

This time the voice in his head was a beautiful female voice. Alex was extremely happy with that. After all, he was using Siri quite a lot.

'Then I will call you Siri from now on. It is easy and convenient since I am used to it.'

As soon he familiarized himself with the room he then proceeded to ask the question that was lingering on his mind.

'Hey, Siri, is it possible to know the location of others?'

**Yes it is possible if the host has sufficient points.**

'Then how many points do I need in order to see if my girlfriend was teleported here?'

**All Earthlings that were alive when the teleportation took place have been successfully teleported here.**

Alex felt a chill on his back. He didn't miss the key word in that sentence. Alive. If Anna was alive during the teleportation then she is also here. If not...

'Then... Siri, how many points do I need to check if someone is alive or dead?'

**That is free of charge. However, the host can only check for each person once after every trial.**

'Can you check if my family is alive? Including my girlfriend Anna.'

**Host's family is alive and has teleported here. Host's girlfriend has not.**

It was the second time that Alex felt despair. His emotions were in turmoil once again. The sadness and rage he felt when he saw Anna lying on the floor have once again resurfaced. His eyes started tearing up again but this time his rage overshadowed the sadness for her death. He soon stopped crying and his face turned expressionless. No emotions could be seen. The only noticeable thing was perhaps that now his gaze was clear. He knew exactly what he needs to do.

'Check if Mike and Jane Hemsworth are alive.'

**The couple found in host's memory with such names have are alive and have teleported here.**

'Siri, do we meet other people in the trials?'

**After the 3rd trial the trial takers will have an option of choosing between a team trial or a solo trial. If the trial taker has not formed a party, then he will be randomly appointed to a party. A team trial is significantly harder than a solo trial.**

'Randomly appointed... That won't help me at all. There are billions of humans and the chances are non-existent if I try it like that... Siri, is there a way to join a team trial with specific persons that are not in your party? For example, can I choose a team trial and join the same one as Mike and Jane Hemsworth?'

**Items for all purposes can be found in the trials or in the Store.**

That was exactly the thing that Alex wanted to hear. As long as a way to meet that murderous couple exists, then he can avenge Anna's death. He vowed to himself to make them feel the same despair he felt.

'Siri, are we allowed to kill other trial takers?'


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