Untouchable moments
2 Suddenly
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Untouchable moments
Author :hooram
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2 Suddenly

Son, what are you doing?

Why? Mom

Nothing much. If you don't mind I will go rest.

Yess. Amma, why should I?

30 years ago

The world you're living in is a heaven to one's who enjoy every moment of their lives. Life is very fancy to those who enjoy it according to their taste. The life that is appeared to be fancy is of rich bloods but in real the life you are living is fancy as no one knows you, no one idolize you. My life is also very fancy when I was with my Amma Appa and....

Suddenly it becomes fancy for others but for me it is like😢😑😔😕😭
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It so happened that when I was 14 years old. My parents were out of station for one day and I am with my aunt at home. Rachel was with me at school and this was the reason that I was not that sad but when I came to home after school I was really sad. When I am with Rachel I forget aal the things as I love her, she is my crush at first side but I can't tell her that. I was waiting for my parents and on that moment my aunt's phone rang. I ran out as I had a feeling that it's papa's call. Aunt Lei lei(mu father's sister)pick up the phone and started talking. My father told her that we were be he here in half an hour. But, in a mean while, aunt shouted fiercely.I was astonished 😲 by her reaction. I had no idea about what had happened and suddenly she ran towards me and hugged me tightly and in no time she started weeping. I asked her that what happened but she didn't respond. I became anxious and somewhere in my mind I got a clue that something worse had happened and then again the phone rang and now I took the call. It's my appa's call but the man speaking is Stranger. He was talking in a hurry. Before I asked him something he told me that my parents got in an accident. They were in ICU. ฉันสูญเสียความรู้สึกของฉันและเริ่มที่จะตะโกน

I became


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