Who knew
1 Bullied
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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1 Bullied

"Look at her, she is so ugly her mother denied her when she was born." everyone laughed.

Lea was used with harassment and insults. This was her everyday life, she just did not understand what had she done to these people to treat her this way. Anywho, she walked with her head down across the school hall. She knew this was the beginning.

"You should just go and hang yourself, no one will care. In fact, everyone will be so happy you're gone, no one will even notice."

Snickered her peers, having fun on her misery.

She opened her locker but as luck was not on her side today, red smelly oozing goo spilled all over her. She stood there shell shocked, laughter and taunting were heard.

"Bit*h, you deserve it", "Sl*t, you got it coming", they kept on calling her names.

"It goes to show how little you matter, just like thrown up goods. You are trash, you and that goo belong together."

Lea's heart broke, she felt like crying but she knew it will just make things worse.

She started walking to the girl's restroom, trailing after she was the goo. She felt like walking the walk of shame, all eyes on her and she was wet like a new-hatched chick. The colour of the goo did not help either, it was like she came back from murdering the whole fucking town. Even though Lea was used to the name calling and belittling, it still hurt badly when they did harmful things against her. Luckily Lea knew that these things happen to her all the time, she came prepared. She had extra clothes in her backpack, she was praying that the clothes were not damaged.

When she got to the restroom or the toilets some may call it, she cleaned herself in there. She went into the stall and changed her clothes. When she got out of the toilets and walking back to the hall. She was rushing and was late for class when she trashed against someone. When she looked, she froze. Oh no, this was definitely not her day. It's not like he was a bully or mean to her. He was

looking at her strangely, "What is the problem?" he asked with a smooth husky voice.

"Sorry," she squeaked out. Lea was nervous and scared, she looked around and she saw the halls were empty.

"It's fine, what's wrong, what happened?" he asked again and he was stern this time or more like dominating.

"I just had an accident nothing new there, you don't have to worry yourself.," answered Lea, she was still looking around. She was sure that all the kids in school would come out and make fun of her. She was confused to why he looked at her almost like he cared.

"What kind of accident?" again he was demanding. "Oh, you know the usual. They put a present inside my locker and I get embarrassed, nothing new there. The story of my life." Lea said, he growled.

"From now on you tell me everything they do to you. I mean everything Lea. If you do not tell me and hear it from someone else I will punish you." he then left her there standing, he looked angry. Why was he angry and why did he care? I will make sure to tell him everything, I mean it is enough they bully me, I certainly don't need any more bullies. I went to class and I was late, the teacher did not say anything which was the first and no one paid attention to me also, the first again. I am confused now and I wonder if everyone is scheming behind my back, and they are about to the most

humiliating thing to me and make sure I never ever show my beautiful face here again.


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