Who knew
2 Who is he?
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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2 Who is he?

It was during lunchtime and in the cafeteria, I ordered my food and no nasty remarks. People were whispering behind my back. Some looked at me with hatred, this was not new but it scared me because somehow it became more hostile. I went on and sat at my usual table and ate my food.

I was in my own world and did not notice Julia and her wannabes, I only realized when there was hush and everything went completely quiet. I looked up and there they were standing in front of me glaring daggers at me and if looks could kill, I would be six feet under.

"Who the hell do you think you are?'" Julia said to me with venom and hatred, now I was convinced that he had trapped me and all of them were in cahoots. I just sat there and looked at her confused with a blank face, never ever show them your weakness, Lea.

"I am talking to you slut. why are you ignoring me, huh? Who the hell do you think you are to make demands?" Lea still looked clueless at Julian, what was she talking about? What did, I demand?

"You've got a nerve, I will show you who you messed with. I was going easy on you and now you will experience hell."

"I am confused. What did, I demand again?" Lea asked quietly but all the non-human beings heard her and sure enough, they heard her confusion neither say her telling the truth. She was clueless about what Julia was talking about. Julia looked at her skeptical, "you might have not said in so many words but you demanded us to leave you alone." now Lea realized what was happening, she sighed.

"You mean he demanded? he is his own person and I am sure I can never tell him to do anything he didn't want to do. I bumped to when I was coming back from the restrooms, thanks to you I had to change my clothes." Lea was surprised with her sudden confidence and her peers as well.

"He wanted to know what happened, naturally I thought he was making fun of me like you always do. But then I realized, I've never seen him bully anyone, in fact, he hates bullying. I told him the truth, he was demanding anyway so I could not lie. He was angry, so he is the one making demands, not me." Julia was looking down on her and she was angry that this fool was speaking to her and mostly who is he, she talking about?

He was with his friends and he was amused with the things were going, that bitch was the one abusing his future wife and mother of his children. How dare Julia to touch his beloved mate? He was going to teach her a lesson along with her wannabes.

"HE? WHO THE HELL IS HE? WHO IS HE?" asked Julia shouting and she was consumed with hatred,

"Aldrin Blackwood." she said with a whisper and the room went cold, Julia's face went pale and she stuttered "W-w-w-what?"


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