Who knew
3 She said me!
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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3 She said me!

"She said, me!" Said Aldrin and Julia wished she was dead because what was coming was worse than being dead.

"I think this should make you believe her now, quite frankly I don't appreciate the abuse." he glared at her " I will deal with you later," he said almost growling to Julia. He turned to look at Lea his left eyebrow raised, " What did I say to you this morning?" Lea looked at him with wide eyes and a surprised face.

"I was going to, I didn't know I had to scream your name or something," she said sarcastically,

"Ha, sarcasm. I would really appreciate it if you followed orders," he said sternly.

" I am not your dog," answered Lea, Al found this amusing and he loved the fact that she was challenging him. Everyone else who was not supernatural was confused. When did he become so gentle? Why was he protecting her suddenly? The others understood though, the Alpha has found his mate.

" Keep that mouth of yours running and you will be punished." his eyes twinkled with mischief and Lea found herself blushing, confusing enough she was curious what would be her punishment. Maybe he would spank her. She blushed deeper, God I am losing it? since when did I start having a dirty mind? He is a bad influence. Al chuckled, his little cutey was getting naughty.

" You have a dirty mind, surprisingly that sounds appealing." he teased. Lea was red on her face, she was so embarrassed that she decided to hide her face with her hair.

She was very confused why was he doing this. God his so handsome, why was he so handsome anyway? it was not fair that he took her breath away like that. Her heart skipped every time she sees him and God, when their eyes connect and his husky voice is heard her heart beats quickly, her stomach flutters. She feels happy and safe. All she wants is to kiss him and stay in his arms forever.

This was overwhelming and it scared her to the max, Lea didn't want to give anyone else a reason to tease or even bully her again. She was not sure why he was doing this and why she trusted him suddenly. It was weird as if something suddenly changed in the atmosphere and all that was bad is good and all that was good is bad. Nothing made sense to her, this morning she was being bullied and now she is being protected by the man many fear. Al was known for being vicious and ill-tempered, he had no patience for the weak. Yet, here he was paying attention to her. She wondered what did she do to deserve this man?

Aldrin was looking at his mate with admiration and love. He was aware of her thoughts perks of being an Alpha. He knew that this might be really confusing for her and the energy coming from her just confirmed everything. She was self-doubting, it pained him to see her like this. This was Julia's fault and he will make sure that he makes her suffer for all the pain she caused his mate. He did not appreciate people abusing power and looking down on the weak not that he was different. His mate though was an exception. He wanted the best for her and he will always make happy, he will provide the best for her and give her the world if he has to.

He bend down and whispered to her,

"Relax Amore Mio, everything will be alright."


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