Who knew
4 Amore Mio!
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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4 Amore Mio!

Amore Mio!

Amore Mio is a word used for my love and this is the word she usually read on those romantic novels. Now he called her that, did he just call her that? Lea was sure she was imagining things, but God that sweet sweet husky seductive whisper. What was he promising her? Love? or perhaps security? Lea was lost and she was in bliss, she swore if the guy kissed her now she would be putty on his arms. He could ravish her she would not mind. She was no whore but man for him she would turn one. Lea was a very shy person and a reserved one at that. She was scared of how her mind was suddenly operating. Did her hormones take over and give her no sense of self-respect? What the hell was she bubbling about in her head? Good heavens, if they could cut her head open, the lots would faint and die of shock. She found herself being adulterous in her mind. She was scared of what she was turning into, God forbid if she can help it. The guy is deliciously looking, it is God's fault she is drooling. If it were not for him creating such an exceptional, Godly looking man. She would not be having such thoughts. Lea really prayed that this stay as dirty thinking and she would not lose her wits and attack the gorgeous Aldrin and fuck him hard in front of everyone. That would be something, them getting at it like bunnies. She wondered how big he is? would he fit inside me? would I satisfy him?

"Oh God, forgive me I have sinned!" Lea suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy and she was embarrassed, while Aldrin found it all alluring.

He was so hard with her dirty thinking but he had trained himself a long time ago to suppress such urges and made sure to hide his scent. The whole room was engulfed by her arousal, she smelled so amazingly sweet like nectar, like flowers blooming in spring and more and more like juicy apples. He could just imagine how she tasted. Will she be as sweet as she smells? He was sure she was soaked and damn, those drenched panties. He felt like he was losing control, he really wanted to fuck her to the oblivion. He had to get himself together otherwise he was going to lose control. He had to take things slow otherwise he will lose her before he actually had her. He prayed that she will accept him after she came to learn what he was. She is his one and only, without her, his world and life will be ruined.

The bell rang to signal the end of lunch. Lea sighed out loud and smiled with relief, she was sure that she was to lose control within seconds and attack the gorgeous Aldrin. She was confused about what was happening? She was attracted to the guy before and it usually hurt her when she saw him speaking with other girls with passion in his eyes, but now it looked like something was amiss and this scared Lea. She was scared that she was getting obsessed with the guy.


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