Who knew
5 Rain
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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5 Rain

It was on a Saturday afternoon Lea had decided to run just to burn some steam, she always loved the outdoors and she knew that many people did not like the woods and yes, they did look creepy but she always felt home there and safe. It was strange and insane for her to even feel that way, but she could not help her feelings and what her heart wanted. She always felt more relaxed and comfort by running and just cruising in the forest. Today was not that bright and shiny, the weather was gloomy and looked like it was going to rain, even a storm could happen. Things ain't always what they seem, she was still debating about her insanity and sense of self-respect and value. She could not forget what happened in school yesterday and it still puzzles her they way things ended. To make things worse she had to have a wet dream.

"Lea was sitting inside her art class and she had been struggling to come up with something fun and new to make her painting different, she wanted to paint something that would take everyone's breath away. She had then somehow found herself in a serious make out battle with the gorgeous Aldrin" Lea was recalling her dream whilst she sat on the forest, she was amazed about the way she had dreamed the previous night.

She had been lost in her disputes to realize that someone was there with her, she had screamed out when she felt something touching her. She was heaving and her heart beating so fast she could almost feel it falling out of her chest. Her eyes moist with tears and her hands trembling in fear, she really was not expecting anything touching her and when she felt it she was scared to death. He had cooed at her and took her in his arms apologizing to have scared her to that extent. He could hear her heartbeat, he really gave her a scare. He kissed the tears away, this had made Lea calm down within seconds, her heart froze. Butterflies started to run in her stomach, she suddenly forgot how to breathe. He was kissing her and everywhere he touched with his lips, it felt tingling and left a pleasurable heat. She did not want him to stop, she begged in her head that he must carry on. He obliged because it only took him mere seconds and their lips met. He did not move, he waited for her to push him away when she did not push him away. His lips started to move and she responded with enthusiasm, she was in bliss and could be in the hands of Lucifer and been in hell she could care less. She was kissing him, she was actually kissing Aldrin. She could not believe it, her heart was beating fast again but this time not because of fear but because of happiness. She was on cloud nine, she did not realize kissing was this amazing. God, if she had known she would have jumped him yesterday.

Their breaths were quickening and their kissing was beginning to get more passionate and they were groping each other desperately, Lea wanted to feel his skin and to touch him. She wanted to taste his skin she was sure he tasted like caramel milk, was that even possible? If they can take their clothes off and their skin touch it would feel better, her wish was his command as he took her clothes off following with his. The weather was starting to get bad, the two mates were lost in their passion and their blindness for lust. They did not realize what was this leading to, all logic was gone to the drain. They both had given up control to their need, the mating pull was in control and it was too late to stop. The rain whaled and touched their bodies, it only fueled their want and heat. It gave them easier access to touch their bodies together, for their hands ran freely and slippery on their skin. Moaning and groaning was heard, Aldrin kissed his mate with passion and he poured all his love. He showered her with his desire. He ran his tongue from her chin to her jaw, he nibbled down her neck and groan in pleasure. God, he was right she tasted so sweet and more than he had expected, his hand went down like feathers and found her core, he started to brush against her clit. Lea cried in pleasure and moved her hips up, Aldrin kissed down to her erect left nipple and took in his mouth, Lea jolted up and gasp with pleasure, she was intensified with want. She had started to move faster with Aldrin that was doing sinful things in her cunt, his finger was rubbing against her opening and she wanted him to put it in. She wanted something inside her and she felt like crying with the suspense. She started to sob her pleas "Please" she did not know how to express her need in words.

Wet, was the words inside Aldrin's head. So wet, just for me. He looked up when she pleaded, what he saw made him lose it as he inserted his finger inside her. Her strangled moans made his day, just the expression of pleasure on her face and the happiness he saw in her eyes made him love her more and want much more.


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