Who knew
6 Mark of Passion.
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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6 Mark of Passion.

He added another finger, then another and he could not help himself. He kissed her down to her abdomen and she was a shivering mess. He moved to her thighs, he took his fingers out and looked down at her wet pussy, his cock jerked and became harder. God, he hopes that they will not regret this later on. Their eyes met and he looked at her with lust, his eyes were dark and this should have scared her but she was more aroused, she started to whine and her hips rose on their own accord. She begged for his touch, she wanted him to give her pleasure, she whispered again "Please". Aldrin obliged but taking her with his mouth and that was all he needed to do for her to come undone. She came calling his name which he found sexy and pleasurable, he had decided that he wanted to hear that all the time. Her crying his name with passion and pleasure made him happy and he found it beautiful. He did not stop, he eat her up. He shoved his tongue inside her with greed and drank up all her juice. He moved his mouth up and down her core, he nibbled and bit her clit. This made her laugh in pleasure and he felt his heart melt and his stomach flutter with butterflies. His shaft was dripping with precum, he was growling and he felt his claws coming out. He dripped her thighs and he needed to be inside her, he looked up and saw her eyes go wide and he knew his eyes were no longer blue. He knew that she was seeing who he really was, and he somehow found it calming, he did not care anymore if she saw him. She stared at him and found him beautiful but what was he? She did not have to know now, he had to finish what he had started. She licked her lips and showed him she wanted to carry on. He still looked at her as he took his dick in his hand and aligned it to her opening, she felt the head of his cock touch her opening and she gasped with pleasure. She was getting excited again, he pushed and she felt a pinch of pain but ignored it. She seductively looked at him to give him more carriage. He pushed forward hard and with that one shove he was all in, he saw her cringe in pain and a tear slowly fell from her left eye and ran down her cheek. He cupped her face in his hands and kiss the tear away.

"I am sorry baby for hurting you." He cooed, she smiled at him and nodded her head giving him the go ahead. He started to move, it was weird and uncomfortable at first but then it built up to something pleasurable. She started to moan and move with him, he was moving in and out of her and God was she tight and warm, he was in heaven.

"God baby, you are so tight, so wet and warm just for me." he was picking up the pace, he was moving out and leave only the head of his cock inside and then slam back in with force and it would hit straight to her g-spot. Lea was screaming with joy and crying with pleasure. This was bliss, she did not want it to end. This feeling was a feeling like no other and she wanted it to last forever, he was making her see stars. He was pounding her and she liked it that way, he was losing it and he was in a dark place and he was scared that he will really hurt her. She knew she was going to be sore and be bruised but she did not mind at all. She loved the way he was cherishing her body, his lips met hers and he kissed her with passion like there was no tomorrow and fucked her with more force and need like this was the last time. His body was trembling with need, he was growling. He nipped her bottom lip and it excited her. God, she was learning many things about herself and sex. He nibbled on her bottom lip and looked up straight to her eyes, he did not need to say anything. His love and appreciation was evident enough by just looking at his eyes.

"You are mine" he growled it with passion, love, pride and pleasure. He increased his speed again, God, where was he getting his strength? he shifted his hips and pulled her up by her waist, Lea tried out in shock, he was deeper in her. She felt herself quiver and her core stretch more. He filled her and she loved the feeling.

"Oh, ah ah, please... please" she cried, she did not know what she was pleading for. He started to pound her while repeating "Mine" This made Lea happy that she started to move with him, with passion and she said with great pleasure "Yours" that is when he lost it and bit down her collarbone. Lea shouted out with pain and pleasure, her body quivered with ecstasy and she felt her body and her inside clench and shake. It was too much, her cries was so loud that the hiding wild animals perked their ears and the birds flew away. He was emptying himself inside her and it made him more excited and felt pleasure run through his veins. He loved that she welcomed his seed with happiness and her pussy sucked him in and clench against him making him hard again.

She was seeing stars and clouds, she head bells ringing in her head and she became light headed. She could not take that much pleasure, she was crying engulfed with emotions and her heart was swimming in happiness. She knew that she would never love any other man because Aldrin has ruin her. She succumbed to the exhaustion and welcomed the darkness with a beautiful smile, she had whispered: "I love you". She was so exhausted that she didn't have the will to look at him or even acknowledge the fact she had professed her love.

With his eyes wide with shock Aldrin smiled like a lunatic and his heart swelled with happiness. He moved out of her and looked at her pussy with admiration, he was lusting after her again but he resorted on licking her clean. He had realized the bruises he caused her and he did not want her to be sore the next day and her parents asking what happened to her. He shifted to his wolf and licked her, his saliva was going to help her heal. He could see her skin going back to its normal colour, no bruises and he licked her pussy again. He then turned back to his human form and dressed her in her drenched clothes and took her back home. Her parents were tending to some guests, so he jumped to the balcony and got her in her room, he ran a bath for her. He bathed her and changed her to her pyjamas, he then put her to bed.

"Goodnight my love, I will see you on Monday." he sighed "Please be assured I am not taking advantage of you. I love you more than life itself." he kissed her lips and left her to sleep.


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