Who knew
7 Not a dream then!
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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7 Not a dream then!

Lea woke up on Sunday morning with confusion, she looked around and saw that she was in her room. She was dressed in her pj's and was not naked in the woods with Aldrin. She sighed with disappointment, so she was dreaming after all. She stood up and did not feel sore on her cunt and she was then sure she was still a virgin or prude as her cousin liked to say. She made her bed then went to the bathroom, she showered and she dried herself then wrapped a towel around her, this left her shoulders exposed, as she was brushing her teeth she looked at the mirror and froze when she saw a tattoo on her collarbone. When did that get there? She then proceeded to touch it, pleasure shot through her core and she moaned out loud uncontrollably. God, what the hell? She then remembered her dream, Aldrin bit her and she looked closely. Under the tattoo, there was a bite and there stood a midnight wolf howling to a crescent full moon. Aldrin's initials and surname wrote in cursive writing.

Lea stood there with shock and realization that all those stories she read, she was actually in one. She was one of those clueless humans and Aldrin, is he one of those possessive dominating, emotionless Alphas who hid their true feelings to put a front? She was to be a Luna and lead a pack with her mate. She understood now that she was going to be hated and hunted, her life just changed and there is nothing she could do about it, as fate is fate. She started to panic and hyperventilate, she let out a strangled cry that woke her parents as they ran to her room.

They found her on her bathroom floor as she was clawing at her chest trying to relieve herself of the suffocation, she was breathing hard her body shaking. She was having a panic attack, her mother was crying because this was a new thing to happen to her daughter. Good thing her husband was a doctor he knew what to do, he was soothing his daughter and he did not fail to see the mark. Jonah was familiar with supernatural and he was sure that his daughter thought that she was dreaming when mating with her mate and the mark just confirmed that it was not a dream then. She must be scared of what comes with the mark because he recognized it as one of the leaders, and the name that was on her collarbone, was not just any name but a very important one.

He was scared for her daughter and concerned, he knew the consequence, hardship of being mated to a wolf. After all his sister had experienced the same as his daughter. He had made sure she read those fantasy stories and he always encouraged her to always expect the unexpected. This was one of those and he was sure his daughter had finally realized that those stories were not just mere stories. He will have to meet the young prince and make sure he will protect his daughter. Lea calmed down but was lightheaded, she could not speak so she welcome the sleep she so desperately needed. She just needed to forget everything. She took a long sigh and though, so, "No a dream then" she had said it out loud and only her father understood what she meant.

Lea woke up because her mother was seriously worried about her, i was now the evening she woke her daughter to get dinner. Lea was still full of sleep and her brain was not function very well, she followed her mother to the dinning room and went on eating her food like a starved animal. The last she ate was on Saturday afternoon before she went on the woods, so it was understandable that she was eating with such urgency. Lea was only able to function well after she finished her food and all what had happened came back like a storm of hale. She was becoming more plan because this was giving her a headache and she was not sure how to handle everything. Maybe she will just pretend nothing happened. Her father noticed this and knew that his daughter was resorting for denial and knew that was a terrible idea. He knew the consequences because he had seen it happening to his sister and it was not a nice site, he sighed and looked at his daughter and painfully said "It was really, you will not deny it. Don't even think about it. It will kill you both, believe me honey there is no other way but accept it."

Lea's eyes went huge "You know?" her father nodded and again with great pain and proceeded to say "Yes, your cousins are the same. Alice went through the same thing, she refused to accept it and it nearly killed them both. I had begged her to accept it because it was the only way that could save their lives. His pack almost lost their home and Jacob was losing it, he was so weak that rouges and other packs saw it an opportunity to challenge him. Many people lost their lives, it was chaos. The pack resented my sister and forgot that she was new to whatever was happening. They just wanted her to accept the bond and welcome it without questions. They were hostile and every unfair, i was very angry at them. They were calling her names and blaming her for all that was happening. I had enough of it and told them off, shameless stupid wolves. The can't handle heartache well and losing just one many lives a very big hole within their hearts and it takes time for them to adjust. Just imagine 20 killed in one day, they were crazed with vengeance and the only person they could take it out on was my sister. My father died because of that, i never held any grudges against them. I understood somehow but i cannot go the same root. It will be worse this time. That boy is not just any wolf but the heir to the crown, that makes him a prince. Just imagine what havoc it will be to lose him or him being weak. No one will respect him and no one will ever want him to be king, so you will accept this and be strong as i have thought you. Don't think i don't know about the bulling, i kept quiet so you could learn to defend yourself. I am not sure if you ever did but i hope you learned something from it, because any hardships we face in life are preparing us for the worst to come."

Lea was just sitting there staring at her father and was dumbfounded. Her mother had a confused expression and thought her husband has lost his wits.


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