Who knew
8 Understanding what is expected of her 1 .
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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8 Understanding what is expected of her 1 .

Lea was in a horror movie she thought. How can her father tell her all of that? Did he want to guilt trip her? She did not appreciate this treatment. She felt like exploding, how can Aldrin do this to her? She never wanted to be a queen. Did he sleep with her to trap like her aunts husband did to her? Lea had so many question but no answers. She looked at her father with doubt, who was her father really? Was he also a mythical creature? Jonah saw this and knew that his daughter was losing the trust she had of him.

"Sweet heart, not everything is black and white. Whatever tricks you think that boy played to trap you, I promise you he did not. I am shocked though that he mated with you so soon, I would assume he would not want losing you because of this. All wolves cherish their mates and they respect the ground the walk up on. Believe me, he might be the heir to the crown but you are the queen and the most treasured. Just you wait and see. I know what I say might not mean anything to you, believe or not I am not trying to mislead you. I know the pain of taking care of someone rejecting the bond, it will be worse because you have already mated. You have acknowledged that you are his as he is yours. Breaking that bond now it cutting two souls into one and that is not even at will but for the fear of the unknown. I am not going to pretend as if I know how you feel because I have never experience what you are going through personally. I have though seen the results of rejection. I know you do not trust me and I accept that but I will ask you to trust yourself and the ability to tell the right from the wrong. Do not do this for anyone but you. I am not worried about what this will do to him but what it will do to you, you are my daughter Lea and I love you very much. It pains me that your life has been decided for you from the moment you were born. Being and Alpha and Luna comes with responsibility. You have to take care of a community and make sure that your people are safe and secure, that they lives are not in danger and eliminate any treats that come along." He sighed and grimaced

"Being Alpha, King, Luna and Queen comes with much more responsibility, it means you have more than one community to look after, that being the Royal pack. You have to look after all the packs around the world, your are Luna of all Luna's your only superior is the moon Goddess herself, the mother and creature of all Lycan's and Wolves. So, i can only image the responsibility and i am sorry that you have to go through that at such a young age" He looked at his daughter with moist eyes and he was worried about her. This will make her a target.

"I am scared dad, i have read those books and i only ever saw them as a fantasy. I have never imagined they will be really and that those stories might be based on really life events. I wonder now are all true and if yes, i fear that i will never see the sun again. God forbid, i cannot imagine living in such fear. I have experienced first hand how evil they can be and i do not wish that kind of treatment to my worst enemy funny enough it is the same person who has made my life a mess and miserable." She smiled.

"I will talk to him tomorrow and get his explanation. I don't want to lie, i am confused and very much angry at him and myself. We allowed our emotions to get the best of us and this is the end result of it." She went to bed and decided that she will not trouble herself about this new discovery.

Lea's mother looked at her husband with dismay and confusion "Jonah, what were you and Lea talking about just now?" she is sure she heard her husband incorrectly.

"Werewolves" that was his answer and there was no other explanation.

"Why are encouraging her to believe such myth? You know there is no such things as werewolves or any other supernaturals. Do you want her to be bullied more?" she asked with anger and she could not believe her husband. How many times she has to convince him that his fantasies will never be real? This has gone for so long and it is now getting out of hand.

"Lucille, i know you think i am never going to grow up and that i am crazy talking like this. I did not need to convince her of anything she didn't already know. I had to make understand the responsibility that came with knowing about their existence. I am not going to convince you or force you to believe that supernatural exists. I also would like you trying to stop me believing they do, it is my belief and i would appreciate it if you respected it." he then stood up and left her there. Lucille was distraught, how can her husband be so senseless?

"I am very worried about them. People will think their are freaks and weird, i must make sure they stop this crazy talk. How in hell did they have to believe such nonsense, ha. Werewolves, how stupid can they be?" She shook her head in dismay, "I have to do something." she then left for bed and as she was taking stairs a howl was heard outside and followed by many. She stood there frozen in place with fright and her eyes went wide, she went pale. What the heck?


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