Who knew
9 Understanding what is expected of her 2 .
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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9 Understanding what is expected of her 2 .

Lea walked in school with her head held high and she was in a good mood which surprised her after learning so much from her father the previous night. She had a slight suspicion that these were not her feelings. She wondered was it possible for her to feel his feelings. If so, did he feel her anger yesterday? Well, she guessed she will just have to ask him when she has time. Lea went to her locker and she was expecting something to happen as always but was surprised that nothing happened. She felt weird and looked around with doubt, this was a bit strange. She did not know how to deal with the change, she sighed and carried on with taking her books out for her first class. The hallway was also strangely empty today, she felt like something weird was happening and it did not sit well with her. Now the good mood she was in vanished I mere seconds, she now felt unease. She walked in the Spanish class and everyone went quiet, others stared at her with shock and others with confusion. Lea suspected that the ones who were shocked were the non-human people and the confused ones were her fellow human people. She snickered, this is ridiculous. Do I smell like him now? Her eyes went wide because she suddenly remembers reading somewhere that once you are marked, your scents become one. She blushed and felt so embarrassed, she heard some few girls giggling.

God, this is so weird and embarrassing, that jerk. She quickly sat down and was saved by the teacher, the class went on as usual. The same thing carried on happening to all classes and it was annoying rather embarrassing now.

So, imagine walking in the canteen (Cafeteria) and all eyes on you. I got very angry because it just annoyed me to the max, I harshly said "Don't you all have better things to do than fu*king staring. It's annoying." I then turned around and left the fu*king canteen (Cafeteria). I was fuming and it was an overwhelming feeling, I felt like destroying something. I went outside and there woods surrounding our school and that place always made me feel better when I am unhappy.

I walked with long strides and once I reached the middle I let out a scream, I screamed with frustration and I wanted it all out. I started to cry and I had not noticed that the weather was starting to get gloomy as well. When I was crying the rain started to fall, I was not sure what was happening but I was not aware of any strange things happening because I was miserable and within myself pitying bubble. Get yourself together Lea. You are stronger than this, I kept saying it. Over and over again, I was suddenly engulfed in someone's arms, I was startled at first but I realised that it was Aldrin because of the electric sparks that I felt. I did not protest I welcomed the warmth and support, I sobbed in his arms. He did not say anything, he just let me be. He brushed my back and hug me, he embraced me with love and passion. When I was done crying he turned me around and looked me in the eyes.

"I am sorry I am the reason you feel this way. I should have handled things better and not succumb to my desires as this is harming you dearly. I promise you that I am learning to handle and control my feelings better." he said with guilty in his eyes and even his voice was trembling. I felt his pain "I am sorry too, I was the one who insisted. I am just confused and scared about what is really happening. My father told me something yesterday, I am not sure how right he was. I would like you to enlighten me?" He was frowning. "He said you are the prince of wolves." he went still, his eyes went wide. He was shocked and shocked. "So...., it is true?" he asked again, he sighed after a long time of silence. He let go of me which left me feeling cold, me being wet and all. Why does it rain every time we are together and why is it always in the woods? I must make a su... "Yes, I am" I stopped abruptly on my panting thoughts and froze as he confirmed my fathers claim. How the right was my father about the other information he gave me? "But you don't act like one and don't feel like one?" he chuckled. "I suppress my power as it is too great against humans and so weaker wolves. It would raise suspicion if people everywhere I was felt like kneeling down and bow at me. It is hard though, sometimes my animal instinct kicks in and I can be aggressive and tempered" he mischievously said "that is why I am still feared with this little power I show"

He sat down and pulled her down between his legs, he wrapped his arms around her and engulfed her against his chest. He placed his head on top of hers and sniffed her head while making small purrs like a kitten, it was funny because he was very muscular and big. Imagining him as a little kitten was amusing and quietly funny, I giggled."So, is it true that you die if your mate rejects you?" He went stiffened again "Yes," he said with a gruff voice and he sounded void of emotions.

"Were you scared I would reject you?" he did not answer me for a long time, I did not mind waiting though, I gave him the time he needed after about ten minutes he simply said "Yes". I don't know what I was expecting, arrogance maybe? But I was shocked that he was honest with his feelings and he told me he was afraid. Many people or men rather do not like sharing their feelings. "Oh" that is all I managed to say. "So, did they all smell your scent in me? Is it why they were creepy and staring?"He relaxed again "Yes, I am sorry. I should have talked to you first about this" he sighed "You are taking this very well?" she laughed "Oh you have no idea." she started to giggle, he looked at her with a frown. Why was she giggling? Not that he minded it, but did he say something funny? "I fainted when I saw the mark. I thought us..." she blushed, she could not say it "you, know" she hid her face and was turning red and she felt her cheeks burning, Aldrin chuckled "I don't know. Do you mean mating?" he teased, "shut up" she squeaked and was very embarrassed. "Baby there is no need to be embarrassed. We are the only ones here and I really like where this talk is going." he teased her again, she was so embarrassed she felt like digging a hole and hide. "God, he was such a flirt."


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