Who knew
10 Understanding what is expected of her 3 .
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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10 Understanding what is expected of her 3 .

"Stop it, you are embarrassing me" she whined whiled pouting. Aldrin felt pity for his cute mate and stopped teasing her and Lea felt relieved. "I thought I was dreaming, realizing it was all real, gave me quite a scare. Do you have any idea how scary it is to realize what you thought was fantasy is not anymore? It felt like I was losing it and I was a bit in denial. My dad made me understand, I have cousins who are your kind apparently. I was just surprised and caught off guard." he kissed her temple and whispered "It is understandable, I was worried that you are bottling everything in and you would end up breaking down like earlier. It is harmful to feel all those emotions at the same time and keep them all inside." she leaned in and sighed.

"I am still very much feel like I am dreaming, but I am aware that I am very much awake. It feels like a cliche and I don't know how to handle it really. I am feeling ok now because you are here, when I am alone it drives me crazy and I feel like I am losing my mind. Please bear with me, I am going to be very moody and bitch at some point but it is not towards you but the situation." Aldrin listened to his mate pouring her heart out. He felt sorry for her and wished he could understand what she was going through.

The rain was getting stronger now and Aldrin was afraid his precious mate will get sick. This is the second time she got wet because of the rain and within just a day in between. He also did not realize that she was the reason why. He felt her agony and he blamed himself for this if he did not rush things. He was also worried about her being in danger, he had enemies and they would do anything to get at him and his mate was the most valuable person and the thing they can use against him.

He stood up with his mate in his arms and started to run, he went to her house and did what he did last time, however this time he did not leave her. He got in bed with her and dozed off to sleep. Yes, he was worried that her parents will find them but he knew the father will understand after all he knew about his kind.

He was going to make sure that everything went smoothly from now on, no rushes like the marking and mating with her. He did not regret doing all those things but the way he did them. After all, he is an alpha wolf and he is bound to be possessive when it came to his mate. He kissed her temple and whispered in her ear "Sleep angel, i will protect you. I will make sure no one touches you" he then fell asleep as well.


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