Who knew
11 She refuses to believe in supernatural
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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11 She refuses to believe in supernatural

Lea's mother refused to believe what she heard the previous night were howls, she was just imagining everything. She blamed her husband and his sick theories. He was duping their daughter and making her believe the stupid myth, she refused to believe in supernatural. It was simply impossible and unrealistic. She woke up the next morning and was determined to make her husband understand she was not going to allow any talk about stupid supernaturals carry in her house. When she got there though she saw her husband talking with a boy she had never seen before. She heard him saying,

"Your wife is a non believer" her husband sighed

"Yes, she gets very angry when i bring up the subject. I really don't know what will make her understand that i am not crazy." he said with a sad tone.

"I want her to understand things are not just black and white. There is so much she could learn about the world but she chooses fear. She fears the unknown." chuckled the boy.

"That's a pity for sure. I need to be always around Lea, after the marking. If i am not close to her my Lycan is unsettled. We fear that our enemies will come after her and use her as a bargain, she is my weakness and my life line." Aldrin said with concern.

He could smell his mate's mother eavesdropping, he was saying these things to make her understand. Other than that he talked more about his kind to get a reaction from her.

"You know yesterday she had a breakdown at school, everyone was whispering about her scent mixed with mine. Others were looking at with envy and jealousy, others with pure admiration and respect. Some just outright hated the fact she is mated to me. Me being the next king they would expect me rejecting her, because she is human and all" he chuckled again.

"I don't know, but there is something more alluring about her than her being my mate. She is destined to be a leader, i always found her interesting. I was always attracted to her but i could not pursue anything with her because i knew it would be cruel of me. I was please to learn she was the one fated to be my queen. I suppose that is the reason why i rushed things, i always have yearned to touch her intimately." Lea's father listened to the boy talking about his daughter like that, he was not happy but he knew he stood no chance against a prince and most of all a Lycan.

"She is my daughter, i don't know if i am comfortable speaking about her that way." he said uneasy, Aldrin smirked and looked at his father in law with amusement. He really felt sorry for humans being so uncomfortable when in came with sexually talk and nudity, for his kind this was an easy topic and they felt no shame talking about it. He understood though the differences, they were animals and horny all the time. He supposed if he also was in his father in laws shoes or perhaps just human he would be embarrassed and more shy talking so openly about intimacy.

"My apologies, i meant no disrespect. I tend to forget that we come from two different worlds. I will try to refrain speaking opening about my sexual interests towards your daughter." he smiled.

"I would like to meet your wife, maybe i could show her my beast. Perhaps after witnessing the change she will be eased to understand or even believe that there is more to this world than she author to believe." he then winked at his father in law. Lea's father then suddenly understood that his wife was eavesdropping.

"Maybe, but i think she will faint when she sees you. I mean i did when i saw my brother in law and he is just a normal wolf." he chuckled, Oh, the memories.

"I remember it as if it was yesterday. He was desperate and my sister was being stubborn. She nearly died because of her being in denial and refused to accept the guy." he shook his head, he can never forgot the desperation his brother in law showed and his sister nearly died because she was stubborn.

"I hope things this time will be better. I hope she doesn't get overwhelmed with what she will still have to learn about your kind. I really tried my best to explain as much as i can, but i am only human." he said in concern.

Lea mother had enough, she enter the kitchen and spoke rudely to Aldrin "Who the hell are you? Why are you in my house in such an ungodly hour?" she was real had problems with this insanity these people insisted to feedback.

Aldrin was an alpha wolf and what alpha wolves hated the most was disrespect. His eyes were changing colours fast and he was trying to calm himself down. He wanted to understand why was this woman being a bitch.

"I hate disrespect" he growled, he was losing to his Lycan and he knew if he took over he will traumatize her for life. He was brutal and very cruel in his alpha form and his Lycan was ancient, he demanded respect.

"I don't appreciate your tone human." he said darkly and his eyes now were more gold than his human eyes, his green was seen in flecks now. He was about to speak again when he smelt her and then felt her body engulf him in a hug, she whispered in his ear.

"Forgive her. Mother does not know of your world, please forgive her ignorance." his mate pleaded and he melted, though his face still blank his eyes returned to his green one and he looked at his mother in law

"Aldrin Blackwood and i slept with your daughter." Lea gasped and shrieked

"Aldrin" he chuckled at her embarrassment but still glare at her mother. What was his deal did he want to embarrass her infront of her parents? He only smiled and kissed her temple.


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