Who knew
12 Your Eyes Were Gold
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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12 Your Eyes Were Gold

She was not hallucinating, she saw his eyes changing colours and heard his voice mixed with a growl. If her daughter did not show up when she did, she was sure she would have been put in her place the hard way. She has never seen or experienced such dominance from a young man, even her husband seemed scared when the change happened, she had been ignorant but she cannot deny what she saw.

"Your eyes were gold" she stated the obvious with her voice shaking, she did hear the warning, she felt the anger but all she seemed to care about was the colour of his eyes.

"How is that possible?" she asked again in fear, it could not be true that those beasts exist. Sh refused to believe it. She imagined it, yeah. She nodded her head and sighed, then smiled at them.

"I am sorry, i don't know where my head is at. I am sure what I saw was just my imagination nothing more." she said with confidence, Aldrin just stared at her with pity. The woman was really determined to convince herself that she is dreaming or something.

"You were not imagining anything mom, his eyes were gold. You really have to stop doing that." said Lea with pity. She really understood where her mother was coming from, she too freaked out when she learned that supernatural was real and the stories her father always made were more real than fantasy.

"I don't know what you are talking about darling." said her mother and her husband just shook his head, this was a lost cause his wife was not willing to understand what was in front of her.

"Mother please, we all know that you are just trying to live in denial. Werewolves do exist and he is one of them and he is mated to your daughter. Mom he is the prince of all wolves, he is a lycan. You heard the howling the night before and that was not your imagination as much you seeing his eyes turn gold was not." she said to her mother slowly and trying to comfort her.

"Please don't do this to yourself, I understand you're scared and I am not asking you to accept that he is a wolf and I am not asking you to learn and mingle around them, but you must accept that I love him and that he does exist. That they do exist and there is nothing you can do to change that." Lea explained to her mother.

"No Lea baby, that is not possible people can never change into animals. That is not natural and that is just not possible ok." she yelled and paced around the house. Lea looked at her father, she then sighed and nodded. Aldrin knew what that meant. He started to take his clothes off.

"What do you think you are doing?" asked Lucille and she looked at her husband with alarm. "Jonah tell him to stop undressing. What is he doing? Is his sick in his head?" she said panicking, what was the boy doing taking his clothes off like that as if they were not there?

This was a strange thing to do among humans, yet they boy still did not listen to her. He took all the clothes off and Lucille screamed again in alarm "Turn around right now." he just looked at her with anger.

This woman really wanted to die. How dare she command him? He was not pleased but understood why she acted so. He then started with the change, sadistically making it slow and gruesome for her. This was her punishment for the way she has been behaving. He really could have done the change in seconds, he just wanted to see her haunted and scared eyes when she saw the pain they feel when the change happens.

Of course for him that stopped along time ago, now it is just like a pinch but the first time is the worst. What he was showing her now was not even close to the pain they go through. She was standing there looking at him with wide eyes and a pale face. He could only imagine what mixed feelings she was having right now. His bones were moving inside him and he has seen it, it is not a good sight. The bones move up and down like a restless snake and reshape making a horrific sound.

She is crying, poor woman. Now i feel like a monster, but I am still not going fast. She must see what we go through and she must understand, even if she is faking the pain. They always said he was a good actor.


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