Who knew
13 OH, MY GOD!
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Who knew
Author :NorahSB
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13 OH, MY GOD!

The boy was in so much pain and the way he was screaming struck her to the heart. The way his bone moved and reshaped was horrific, she could feel herself losing her sanity. He was sprouting fur now. He was seriously turning into an animal before her, but she still found it hard to believe this was real and happening. There must be a mistake, and there must be an explanation for this, whatever it was.

Lucille looked at her husband and daughter, they were amassed and fascinated. She did not understand it, she felt this was wrong. People weren't meant to change to animals, the fact she was witnessing it right now, is unbelievable. She turned to look at the boy again, now his face was changed completely, he had a snot.

It did not take long for him to change into a massive wolf. He took all the space that was left in the kitchen, he stood there proud.

"OH, MY GOD" those are the words she managed to say before she fainted.


"Well she now knows, but knowing my mother. She will still refuse it was real." said Lea.

"Yes, I could see her mind running throughout the process. She was trying by all means to convince herself that this was not happening." said Jonah. He knew what type of a person his wife was. She did not believe in things like these.

"Yea, I could smell her terminal. I am sure she has convinced herself that there is a better solution for what happened here." he chuckled, he remembers his uncle's mate. He was exactly like his mother in law. He refused any form of understanding and it took him being attacked by rouges to accept the truth.

He was curious, what will take Lea's mom to accept the truth?

Lea just did not want to convince her mother anymore, she has no reason to persuade this. Her mother was a stubborn woman, but then again she did understand where she was coming from.

She believed if it was her in her mother's shoes, she might have acted the same way or worse. It is not easy to believe something you have known as a myth, that suddenly became a reality.

As much as she wish everything can be sunshine and roses, that is not reality but a fantasy. She looked at her mate and was grateful it was him, she was fated to be with for the rest of her life.

She just does not know how she will cope with everything. Things were a bit overwhelming for her, but she was getting the hang of it. She had his support and her father's support.

With a heavy heart she decided to focus on her studies and just deal with everything else, when she faces that challenge. She did not feel happy nor sad, just in between. She just hoped things will not be too overwhelming, that she ends up losing herself into depression.

"I am going to freshen up, the weather seems gloomy today. I am not sure what is happening." she left the kitchen.


"Well, your wife is sure stubborn" said Aldrin to Jonah.

Jonah sighed, Lucille was a very stubborn woman and he would know, because she did make him sweat when he was chasing her in their prime time of years. He smiled at the beautiful memories.

"I am not surprised, she has always been like that. Just give her some time as long as it takes, she will have to accept the truth at the end of the day, even if it takes her years to admit it." he said sadly.

Sometimes he wondered what was his wife really scared of? She has seen the boy transform and he clearly did not attack them. Why was she convincing herself so adamantly that this was not real? He couldn't help it but to think there is much more going on here.

Maybe he was being paranoid or insecure or rather suspicious, but he couldn't help but think there was more than it meets the eye. He wondered if maybe she has a bad experience with the supernatural, or does she know someone who was one. If so, did their relationship end badly? He couldn't put past his wife, to have been rude to the person. He had many scenarios running in his mind, but they were just that scenarios, he did not have proof and he couldn't speculate.

It was hard to understand why she insisted on denying the truth. She had evidence that the supernatural does exist, they proved that to her. Why was she so adamant to deny it? He was becoming frustrated because he couldn't help but think his wife had secrets. He did not hide anything from her because he trusted her 100%, but now he felt she never did feel the same about him.

He did not understand where these feelings were coming from, and he hated that he was giving in to the darkness of it all. After all he knows he it wrong to jump to conclusions, and it is never a wise thing to do so. Having said that he would give her sometime and her being stubborn was another challenge for his patience. It was seriously running tin.

He was frustrated, he couldn't take the tension anymore. He knew how difficult it is to try convincing someone about the mythical creatures, he experienced it first hand with his sister and now his wife was being the same. He was just happy Lea accepted her fate, though he still believed she will have another breakdown.

He knew she had no idea what was to come, she was just swinging things right now. He actually believed she was not really thinking about things right. He knew his daughter was very understanding, but he couldn't help the feeling of her losing it. He was afraid she might run after realising, what it meant to be a queen.

There are 197 countries in the world and every werewolf that exists in these countries, she was the queen of them all.


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