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World Apocalypse – Calamity Dungeon “Rise of the Black Seraph”
Author :OKelley
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25 Chapter 26: Carrion Crow Complete

The wait didn't take long as soon Luca could hear the sound of Mother's voice echoing from deep within the treeline. Luca stood up and tried to see who he was talking to, but with the trees in the way, he had no way of knowing. It was interesting to know though that Mother hadn't listened to Tatiana's orders, or rather had another set of orders superseding hers because Luca had fully expected to run into the man and kill him at the ability shop.

As the sounds of Mother's voice drew closer, Luca thought he could make out the sounds of the Gemini Twins and Kevin. Though when they turned the corner and started heading down the dirt path straight towards him, Luca had a moment of shock as he saw Dominic traveling alongside them, and he had a moment of indecision and doubt in the path he had taken. Luca had truly respected and admired Dominic, seeing the devil-man as both a father and brother figure.

With nothing to do, but to do it, and no way out but through, Luca decided brazen was the way to go. Looking directly ahead, he stared at Mother, identifying him as the target of his new ability. With an endurance stat of 23, Luca had doubts the man would be able to beat the stat check and escape death. It was basically a cheat, but at this point, Luca had no intention in fighting far.

"Lesser Purge," He muttered to himself, keeping his eyes fixated on Mother the whole time. Watching with grim satisfaction as the man clutched out his chest and collapsed dead on the ground.

Notification: Player Killed – Mother

Details: You have killed the player known as Mother. A healer serving the duel leadership of the Chaos and Legends Guild. By killing this player with a status check, you gain a very minuscule portion of his current stats and no sol.

This player cannot be resurrected.

The stat gain is as follows, X0 points to Strength, X0 points to Agility, X2 points to Intelligence, X0 points to Luck, X0 points to Endurance, X3 points to Wisdom and X1 points to Perception.

You have gained the ability "Jailer"

No experience is gained.

You have gained $0175 Sol

Luca was not so ignorant to the satisfaction he felt watching the four remaining members of the group disburse, looking for what they thought was a hidden ambush. Luca called out to them, waving them over, "Hey guys, its good to see you. Sorry about all the bother with Mother, just testing out one of my new abilities." He had a good laugh seeing the four of them get enraged as they came out him.

"You don't know what your doing!" Screamed Dominic as he rapidly shifted into his demonic form. The waves of power Luca had once felt radiating off the man felt far more subdued and less impressive. The real power here was him.

"Tell me, Dominic," Laughed Luca as he brandished his new Spark Sword, watching as the Gemini Twins eyes narrowed in hate recognizing the blade. "True or false, all of you work for Oeviss and have been using the power of your guilds to farm food for that leach."

Dominic's eyes dropped shamefully for a second, and though Luca believed the shame he saw, it was not enough to get him to drop his guard as Keira lunged in at him with her knives. With his superior movement speed whoever, Luca had no trouble dodging the blows, that is until Layla started to fire arrows in his direction, and though the first narrowly missed, Luca knew they would not continue to do so.

Before Luca could respond, Kevin pressed the attack against him in a bullrush hoping to overwhelm Luca and let the other members of the party kill once they were able to impede his movements. A green circle appeared under Luca as Layla tried to summon roots to bind him in place, but his strength had increased far too much for something like that to stop him.

Wanting to trim down the battlefield, Luca looked at Kevin and activated "Lesser Purge" with a low mutter. When nothing happened, Luca wasn't surprised. He had fully expected the dwarf to have a high endurance, but as for the elves, Luca was not as sure. He turned first to Layla, annoyed at her continued spells that were trying to trip up his feet and repeated the words, "Lesser Purge". He was happily surprised when he saw her fall over dead. He repeated the spell one last time and was just as shocked when Keira remained untouched by the attack. He had actually assumed both of the twins would have similar stat outlooks.

"Its just going to be the three of us now, I hope you don't mind," Luca yelled as he laughed, dodging the onslaught of Keira's knives and the swinging war-hammer of the dwarf. In the distance, Luca saw Dominic challenging a spell of iron daggers appeared in the air like a hail of rain, all ready and primed to descend on him.

"Hail of Blades." Dominic shouted as the blades came for Luca, but Luca was not one to let a good crisis go to waste and lunged forward to Kevin, and grabbed ahold of the retreating dwarf. His strength eclipsing that of the dwarf, and as the blades descended, Luca felt a faint sensation of pain and unpleasantness as most of the iron weapons bounced harmlessly off of his skin, but as for Kevin, though the dwarf activated his own ability, it was too late.

If there was one thing Luca had learned from watching the dwarf when they went through the streets it was that the ability Kevin had was not without shortcomings, one of which was that the skin underneath could still be damaged. Luca took advantage of that fact to slam the base of his pommel into the side of the dwarfs head in a savage bash attack, stunning the dwarf long enough for Luca to follow up with a forward thrust as the blade cleaved clean through the dwarf's open mouth, slicing his skull into two parts.

Howling with rage, Keira came out him, her daggers a whirlwind, but for Luca and the monster he had become, he was too far beyond her to worry and was able to effortlessly continue to evade her daggers while half-heartildly countering attacking with the Spark Blade

"Why did you come here Dominic," Luca asked the devil-man, right before he blocked on Keira's daggers with the Spark Blade, unleashing the stored charges in the Spark Blade as a torrent of electrical energy poured into the woman, causing her to collapse on the ground in a convulsing heap. Luca advanced, ready to finish her off, but Dominic sprang into action, seeking to intervene.

"Not today, Dominic, your not fast enough," Luca commented as he looked at the devil-man before casting the spell he had gained from Mother, unnecessary at this point, but it was as good a time as any to test it out. "Jailer."
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All around Dominic rocks jutted up through the air, and though he howled in rage and began attacking at the rocks, he would not make it in time, and Luca, knowing his time was short running to Keira's side and with an ungraceful moment of malevolent force, brought his book down on her skull, killing her instantly.

"I'll ask again Dominic," Said Luca as he waved the rock formation aside, dismissing the ability. "Why are you here? I had thought better of you than that. A servant of Oeviss, how could you betray everyone like that?"

The devil-man growled in feral response as he jumped forward, tearing at Luca's body, and unlike the blows of the other guild leaders, the devil-man's claws hurt, leaving bloody grooves of twisted metal where they had torn into Luca's flesh.

"I came for your life, kid." The devil-man growled as he attacked in frenzied swipes one after another. I knew you where a marlin as soon as I heard about you, as soon as the kids brought me a report about you. Another shadow blessed, I knew it would be my chance at gaining another dark ability that would set me up as a god in this place. All you had to do was your part and die at my hands."

Luca laughed at the man's anger. "Sorry to disappoint, it seems I've gotten quite a bit stronger since the last time you and I talked. How does Oeviss feel about you trying to poach from him? Luca mocked, hoping to further enrage the man and get him off balance.

Dominic started to laugh. "Oeviss is dead many times over. Dead and gone, killed by my hand and my true guild brothers who took him down with me from the Prime Halls. They also died in my hands. All those lives living inside of me, fuel for my ascension, just as you will fuel my ascension further."

With a sigh, Luca started out Dominic struggling to find the words to voice his disappointment. When none came, Luca rushed forward, carrying in his hand one of Keira's daggers and used to cut open like a spear through Dominic's chest wall before following up with a punch that pulverized the devil man's heart.

But Luca was not stupid either, and he had never thought Dominic was as well, and not wanting to be caught by surprises, Luca followed up the devasting attacked with multiple stabbings of the Spark Sword until finally, it gained a charge he could release, and when he did, Luca watched as Dominic's body seemed to boil and explode from the internal pressure. It might have been overkill, but Luca had no intention of waiting around to find if Dominic also had Redudent Organs.

Luca sat down, exhausted as he waited for the barrage of notifications that was going to hit, thinking to himself that this was it. Its going to be a long way back trying to find the non-guild gateway. The first thing I'm doing is starting my own guild. We'll call ourselves Carrion Crow and at least admit what we've become. Bottom feeders fighting each other for scraps. But if that's what we are, then I'll be the best at it.


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